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Jon and Kate
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23 Jun 2009, 14:05
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What's sad is that they had home videos of when it was just the twins and they looked SO happy. Like a normal, happily married couple. I don't blame the additional sextuplets for the end of their marriage. Sure it was added stress and more mouths to feed, but the fact they had a show about it probably did it. Having Kate go on all these promotions left Jon at home when he clearly was a work out of the house sort of guy. Those children need their mom around. There was a difference between Jon desiring how things had been before and Kate going glamorous. :/ I really believe she let it go to her head. (Not to mention she treated him like a bitch...I couldn't stand being tied to that for 10 years!)
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23 Jun 2009, 15:40
The Ryan
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WHO are these fuckers!?
I'd never heard of them before (apart from on Bloop. I kind of thought they were something made up by bloopers, yo!) until I landed in American on Thursday, and I can't move for the bastards! They are everywhere.

I got curious and watched some of their show last night. I turned it off after the first commercials, because they bored me. Yeah, I know there's a divorce going on, but Gosh, how DULL can you be!?
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23 Jun 2009, 17:01
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they got their show started on the same channel (TLC) that does the Duggar family specials. TLC just loooves profiling families with multiples. heh. The tabloids got all excited when there was evidence Jon may have cheated on her, and it's blown up to ridiculous proportions in the media ever since.
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23 Jun 2009, 18:54
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Just a quick comment about the water thingy...I think she was planning on giving her a sip of the water but wasn't able to cause they said they were about to go on air and the reason she took a sip first was cause water bottles are filled so high she didn't want Mady to spill in accidentally, I know my mom would always do that to me...but yea just my opinion, it got completely blown up I think
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23 Jun 2009, 20:57
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I wouldn't be surprised if TLC is going to start a reality show about that Octomom
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23 Jun 2009, 22:07
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She already has! Click.
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24 Jun 2009, 18:51
Opie's Old Lady
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Yeah but isn't her thing just for birthdays & special events & not like the Jon & Kate plus 8 show?

I can't watch the show anymore. I feel so uncomfortable while watching it. It's like you can feel the tension oozing through your television while you watch it. *shudders* It sucks, but I've never liked Kate. I always thought she was a bit of a witch to Jon. *shrugs* but for the sake of the children I hope things calm down & the family can work things out. Though if their parents are always fighting then they are better off not having mommy & daddy together. I know if my Mother & birthfather stayed together my life would have been hell with all the fighting & "I'm never wrong" mentality of my father. *shrugs* I guess we will see how it all ends.
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24 Jun 2009, 22:43
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Am I the only one who thinks Jon was a fucking douche?
Kate, yeah, was bossy and witch-like at times. But you have to be pretty no-nonsense with 8 kids, and it's probably hard to switch that off. Jon, on the other hand, was a complete pussy.

For real.

Going off on vacations without the kids, never having a sense of humor about anything, having no backbone when it came to parenting.


I think both parents had major flaws, not just Kate.
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24 Jun 2009, 22:48
Opie's Old Lady
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That's a good point. I guess I never thought of that because it always seemed like when he tried to parent Katie would basically cut him off at the knees in front of the kids, which would make them feel like they wouldn't have to listen to him. I think he might have gotten to the point of giving up. I know I sure has hell would have.
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25 Jun 2009, 14:22
tumbling;echo xx
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Agreed, definitely.
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25 Jun 2009, 13:05
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Agreed with Jon being an ass. With eight kids, someone's gotta be the bitch and make sure things get done. I've watched this show since the beginning pretty much, and Kate has to ask Jon several times, even with simple tasks, to get him to do anything. How frustrating! The show made Kate look like a complete bitch, and I think that's a result of Jon being so damn lazy. I heard her say in the divorce announcement episode that Jon has a lot of anger against her and he won't talk to her about it. I think she tries to talk to him but he has so much anger asking to pass the salt causes an explosion. I dunno...I know I've been that angry at someone that I just shelve up for a little bit....but then you have to eventually talk to that person....I think he's being immature about it. I think he's immature in general......

You know, I used to call Kate all kinds of names in my head, watching her order Jon around, wanting things this way and that.....but then you wonder how you would keep order in a household with eight kids all under the age of ten, with a husband who waits to be barked at to do anything. I think I'd be pissed.......
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25 Jun 2009, 13:20
& skull.
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i don't want to be horrible, but i think having those eight kids, then putting them all on tv is what killed this couple. if they're just stopped at their twins they could've been just another lovely family. kate wouldn't have to be quite so demanding and ocd about everything, and jon wouldn't resent her for being yelled at for not doing things immediately and they exact way kate wants them.

i totally see myself and my boyfriend in this couple. my boyfriend is lazy and absent minded and does on occasion have to be told to do something more than once. if we had eight children i'd get as shitty and demanding as kate and my boyfriend would resent me for my bitching and he would totally implode and not want to talk about his anger either.

they both have their faults, and having that many kids would be trying enough on your patience without having tv crews in your face all the time. going on tv was the worst decision they could've made, but i think i'd have probably gone with it too because it obviously helps in the monetary aspect of having to raise such a large family.

i'm surprise they lasted as long as they did.
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25 Jun 2009, 15:07
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Nobody knows what really happened... but them... you can speculate until the cows come home... but noone will ever know... but Jon and Kate.
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25 Jun 2009, 16:11
Mami 2 ♥ 1
Post Count: 361
you are right. i voiced my opinion but i think you are right.
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25 Jun 2009, 16:36
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when i first saw the show, i thought how neet, she had eight kids, wow.

and then I found out she was just another nut case that abused science.

and I lost totally interest in some fake ass bitches, u dig ;D

I think a law needs to be passed. one embryo at a time, if it doesnt take, try again.

bec this shit is getting ridiculous. octo bitch is a prime example, hell kate on jon are prime examples of what not to do.

You cant have kids, science can help you to have one, great, dont take advantage of it! my opinion
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26 Jun 2009, 04:08
- cynthia -
Post Count: 45
they are both human, and nowhere near perfect. i personally think that jon is a jackass. he has no personality, and no emotions. i believe that kate NEEDS to be bossy and controlling to run a household with (at the time) 10 people. it takes a very strong person to have a clean, organized, well kept house with that many people living there. i give her credit. she did/does an amazing job. i wouldnt ever want to be in her place. and now, she's going to raising 8 kids, alone. do we honestly believe that jon is going to stick around? he said it himself on the show he's 'excited' to take the next step in his life. we all know what that means, he's out of the picture. he's going to continue doing what he's been doing, vacationing, drinking & acting like a college student.

my heart goes out to kate & those poor kids. nobody deserves to be put through that heartbreak. anyone thats had their heartbroken should understand. i think they made a cute couple & when times were good they were very much in love. something went wrong, and i hope they can fix it for the poor kids sake.
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26 Jun 2009, 17:23
♥ Steph
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I agree with Luvvy that obviously only they will ever know what happened. But I feel more for Jon honestly than Kate just based on how Kate treated him. Yes you have to be a little bit controlling and organized to run a household with 8 kids but she treated Jon like he was another child. The way she talked to him most of the time was just plain embarassing and was uncalled for. If I had been talked down on for years and made to feel like I really had no opinion (Or much of one) when it came to how things were run I'd eventually turn into a jerk too.

Personally that's what I think happened. I think Jon finally stood up for himself but he was quiet for so long that he ended up just angry and not even caring about Kate and working it all out. Who knows. But I DO hope he steps up and stays in the kids life as much as possible...
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