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20 Jun 2009, 03:35
proud mommy.
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I just recently found out I am 3 months pregnant.
I just turned 21 (June 12th) and got pretty drunk.
Obviously, I didn't know I was pregnant at the time.
Is there a good Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) website that could give me good information?
I'm nervous that I might have just screwed up my own baby. : [
Any help would be appreciated.
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20 Jun 2009, 04:08
lithium layouts.
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The risk of FAS is increased if you consume alcohol on a chronic basis. I don't know the exact numbers but for women I'm pretty sure it's more than 4 standard drinks a day for most days of the week (the definitions change often but I think it's something like that). One drunken episode *shouldn't* harm your baby, provided that, at all other times, you've been drinking very little (if at all).

And just so you know, the recommended intake of alcohol for pregnant women is NONE. So as long as you haven't had any alcohol since you found out you were pregnant, and continue to be alcohol-free until the baby is born, he/she, and you, should be fine. =)

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20 Jun 2009, 04:10
proud mommy.
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I got drunk maybe once or twice in the past three months.
But it was as bad as on my birthday.
I do not plan to drink, at all, while I am pregnant.
Thanks for the response.
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20 Jun 2009, 04:11
proud mommy.
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Opps. It was supposed to say " WASN'T as bad..."
There needs to be an edit button in the forums!
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20 Jun 2009, 05:08
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The best thing for you to do is talk to your doctor about it. A lot of women are scared to tell their doctors things like that because they are afraid of being judged. But most of the time if it's a good doctor they aren't there to judge you but to help you and will make you feel more comfortable about being completely honest. I drank and smoked weed the first 3 months of my pregnancy. I was only 17 when I got pregnant and didn't find out until I was almost 4 months along. Now I have a happy healthy 2 year old daughter.

I wish you the best of luck!
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20 Jun 2009, 05:55
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I think the only way to know is to tell your doctor, and they could probably perform tests or do an ultra sound to tell you the honest answer. I don't think there is an always the case answer, and a website probably wouldn't tell you without consulting you first; which isn't possible.
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20 Jun 2009, 04:16
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I highly honestly [and I DON'T know this] doubt that it would have any affect on your baby to be, I dont think that you would have done any damage if it was just two days of drinking, they probably mean for people who are alcoholics or drink FREQUENTLY such as every weekend. You know that your pregnant now, so your most likely not to drink so you should be fine.
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20 Jun 2009, 05:02
Post Count: 162 --lots of links to articles and official things there methinks.

The thing is; I've seen the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" a few times and more than once there were women that drank throughout the whole pregnancy because they didn't know they were pregnant. I truly do NOT advice this. Now that you know you're pregnant you're not going to consume alcohol as you've said. A few times, while not good I don't believe will hurt the baby beyond a shadow of a doubt. Just be very careful and look in to prenatal care goods. :D
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20 Jun 2009, 05:50
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EXACTLY what I was implying! BTW Miss Jack you have another dragon spawn on the way!
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20 Jun 2009, 05:59
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My gosh... my dragons sure like to have babies. Horny buggers. ;D

Glad we're on the same page though. [/keeping it on topic!...ish]
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20 Jun 2009, 09:03
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You should mention it to your doctor, but there's not really any tests they can do.

FAS is usually a result of regular alcohol use throughout the pregnancy (or at least part of it). Besides that Lithium Layouts has said everything I was going to say.
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20 Jun 2009, 19:52
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Everyone has basically said everything. Definitely talk to your doctor though. If it was only a few times I don't think it would do anything to the baby. I drank when I was pregnant and didn't know it and everything turned out fine. She's a perfectly healthy seven week old now.
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