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tattoo gone wrong: stars and gripes forever?
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17 Jun 2009, 09:15
Tam I Am
Post Count: 311

Omg this would be GREAT!!

As punishment, her dad makes her get the other side done to match!! How hilarious would that be?!
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17 Jun 2009, 09:24
Post Count: 492
Haha. I bet she would second guess ever tattooing again.
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18 Jun 2009, 13:59
Love, Rebekah
Post Count: 85
ha ha... I love it!
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17 Jun 2009, 11:30
Post Count: 27
Silly cow.. I feel bad for her having that on her face but at the same time she's obviously claiming she's innocent cos her dad has had a go at her. Idiot.
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17 Jun 2009, 14:52
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Haha. Even if she passed out during the tattoo, why wouldn't she SAY SO!? Her face is going to look like shit while she's in the process of removing them, and there will probably be scarring when it's all over with. If her suit is successful I need to move to Belgium and start suing people for stupid reasons.
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18 Jun 2009, 13:16
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This is completely ridiculous, what a stupid little girl. I really hope she doesn't win this case, it's making a complete joke of the courts.
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18 Jun 2009, 13:58
Love, Rebekah
Post Count: 85
The last thing that was on my mind when I got all 4 of my tattoos was falling asleep! You have needles dragging across your skin over and over again and you're so numb to it that you fall asleep? Whatever. None of my tattoos were numb while getting them.

And a tattoo on her face? Really? Wow. Have fun with that while you're 80. Not to mention finding a job. At least all of mine can be hidden if I want them to be.

This is bull shit. I really hope she loses.
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18 Jun 2009, 14:04
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
that's totally what i thought. who's going to employ her? she'll have to be a tattoo artist lol.
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18 Jun 2009, 14:08
Love, Rebekah
Post Count: 85
I don't know... she may fall asleep. lol
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20 Jun 2009, 05:11
Post Count: 274
i have a huge tattoo that covers a good bit of my back, and when they were doing my lower back, i almost fell asleep because i was bored. but only the part that had a lot more fat than the rest. but your FACE?! there's no way she could have fallen asleep.
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18 Jun 2009, 14:49
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
lol what an idiot. I don't think someone could even fall asleep in the time it would take for someone to only tattoo three small stars. Not to mention I don't think any tattoo artists would risk their entire career to do something that drastic, I doubt he was thinking "oh well, she's asleep...I bet she'd love an extra 53 stars!" It looks terrible too, but that's what you get.
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18 Jun 2009, 15:48
Post Count: 47
wow. just wow. ppl are so retarded these days.
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18 Jun 2009, 21:12
Kelsey Lynn xox
Post Count: 150
first of all, even if you fell asleep by some miracle of god, wouldn't the tattoo artist be required to wake you up or at least stop and check if your okay? that would just make sense to me, because obviously she didn't have someone in there with her, she was by herself.

and second, why the hell would the tattoo artist give her that many stars if she "asked for three only?" i've never heard of a tattoo artist going against the wishes of the person they are tattooing, that's a lawsuit waiting to happen, lol.
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19 Jun 2009, 01:30
Post Count: 885
I know, right?

"Hmm, she fell asleep, let me put 53 more stars on her face than she wanted! Har har."
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19 Jun 2009, 18:58
immortalized artiste
Post Count: 112
You know, maybe he heard her wrong. "three" sounds really similar to "fifty-six". xD
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18 Jun 2009, 22:27
Mami 2 ♥ 1
Post Count: 361
hahaha whoopi goldberg today said if you can fall asleep with those tiny needles tattooing your face you are not asleep you are high. hahaha. true. i have plenty of tats and could never fall asleep while getting one especially on my face. plus what i dont understand is when i got my tats they always sketched on paper and then its transferred onto my skin to see if i like it in that spot and if there are any changes that need to be made to the tattoo before it is too late. so i just dont understand how this happened?
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19 Jun 2009, 14:08
Post Count: 196
Yeah! Not to mention, any place I have gone, they write down IN DETAIL what you are getting and make you sign it on a release form. I bet they show the form and it says a little different than "3 stars."
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19 Jun 2009, 06:44
Post Count: 102
i saw that on the news i think she knew what she was getting and daddy flipped
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19 Jun 2009, 09:00
an empty frame.
Post Count: 82
hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a dick!
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19 Jun 2009, 10:31
Post Count: 72
I really want another tattoo, but I'd NEVER get one on my face!
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19 Jun 2009, 18:43
Post Count: 239
have any of you seen the tattoo artist himself? he's totally freaky looking! he probably wanted to make her his freaky tattoo-face bride xD
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20 Jun 2009, 12:21
Post Count: 111
Yeah anyone who's ever gotten a tattoo will tell you it's not so easy to fall asleep during. I mean if you get one on a muscley part of your body like a calf or something i'd IMAGINE it would be a little easier, but yeah. Definitely not on your face. You dont fall asleep during that shit. Either that or she's a narcaleptic.
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20 Jun 2009, 20:54
Post Count: 162
Who the hell would want that many stars on their FACE?! Daddy flipped and she pointed fingers. What a silly girl.
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