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22 Dec 2008, 17:18
Tam I Am
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Okay. Since I'm so obsessed with snow I figured something out last night!

If you live where there is snow, please PLEASE take a picture of it with my name written in it.

My real name, not my diary name lol.

My name is Tami.

So uh... please do this for me so I can print them out and make a snow book.
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22 Dec 2008, 17:42
some miscreant.
Post Count: 77
Man I wish it was snowing in my area.

I'd so write your name in it.. ;D
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22 Dec 2008, 18:26
Post Count: 2651
We had a whole lot of snow at the end of November/ start of December but none now. :(
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22 Dec 2008, 18:28
Post Count: 53
I'll try to do this after when we go out with the kids. Might be tough since there is over 2 feet out there and they've already messed it all up! haha.
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22 Dec 2008, 20:58
. Spoon .
Post Count: 128
HAHA JEESUS i should send you all of our snow your way. im so tired of it already !!! make it go away... i bet i could try for you. i dont know how well it will work as the plows have messed up the pretty flat snow!
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22 Dec 2008, 21:36
I WANT SNOW! ;x It rarely snows here, maybe once a year... and it rarely sticks.
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22 Dec 2008, 21:52
Post Count: 126
you can have all the snow/ice we got... i hate it
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23 Dec 2008, 01:53
Post Count: 268
Excuse my terrible snow handwriting! My real handwriting is better, I promise! :]

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23 Dec 2008, 02:24
Tam I Am
Post Count: 311
Thank you so much!!! I'm so saving this to my computer when I get home!!
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23 Dec 2008, 02:36
Post Count: 268
I prefer this one!! *deletes the first one with my MIND*

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2 Jan 2009, 02:13
Post Count: 37
fuck snow!
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2 Jan 2009, 04:33
Post Count: 4
i agree
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2 Jan 2009, 04:15
Catch May If You Can
Post Count: 157
i'll do it tomorrow ^.^

i love the snow too!
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2 Jan 2009, 08:06
& skull.
Post Count: 1701
i would if it were winter. even then i'd have to travel four hours to actually get to somewhere where it snows ;D
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2 Jan 2009, 12:46
*amour de bebe*
Post Count: 235
I'd do it if we had snow.. I WANT snow.
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