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True Blood S2
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22 Jun 2009, 09:40
Tam I Am
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HOLY SHIT is right!!! I hope Bill doesn't kill that family!! Especially the little girl!!!!!
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22 Jun 2009, 17:55
Lily-my one and only
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did anyone else feel that the hour passed by WAY too fast?!?! it ended and i got left feeling like i needed at least 15 more minutes!!!

i think bill will probably glamour the family, but it'll be interesting to see bill and sookie interact next episode. i'm sure it's going to lead to sookie leaving him in the car and then getting hurt.

anyone else think laffyate is going to get turned?

maybe it's just me, but i hope they hurry about with the mary ann part of the story. i don't really like her.

what's up with the jealous bunk mate jason has at the fellowship retreat? any speculations on what's going to happen wth jason? if he'll continue with them, or not?
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