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cash, trash and a mattress
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11 Jun 2009, 03:57
& skull.
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JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A treasure hunt in the trash was the talk of Israel Wednesday after a woman said she had accidentally dumped a mattress stuffed with $1 million (600,000 pounds) in notes.

Identified only as Anat, the woman at first told Israeli media she had replaced her mother's mattress as a surprise, learning too late about the stash of cash.

She then went off to search local landfills, so far fruitlessly, for the old mattress, she said.

Questioned later on television news, the woman said she had known about the money -- which she called "a substantial sum," not $1 million -- and blamed a "very serious trauma involving banks" for her mother's unusual choice of hiding place.

Asked how she could have thrown away the mattress knowing about its contents, she told her sceptical questioner "My brain simply blew a fuse."


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11 Jun 2009, 06:08
Jessica [Private]
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Obviously the family has a lot of money or something if they're not cracking the shits over a million bucks.
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11 Jun 2009, 04:26
Mami 2 ♥ 1
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11 Jun 2009, 04:33
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Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit!
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11 Jun 2009, 05:45
Music God CJ Plain
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i'm kind of shocked the old lady didn't Blow a Fuse.

I would have strangled the hell out of her! lol
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11 Jun 2009, 08:19
.Blue Bella.
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I think this is hilarious! Love it!
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11 Jun 2009, 14:31
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Didn't she feel anything before throwing the mattress away?
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11 Jun 2009, 15:44
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Why would you let the public know? Now it's going to be harder to find it. The public will not be looking for it....
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11 Jun 2009, 22:40
Lady Elphaba
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Lol! All I have to say is "what a foolish woman"! ;D
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12 Jun 2009, 00:39
.Blue Bella.
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She's probably nicked it herself, and is lieing about it so her dear old mum doesn't get suspicious of her!
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