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Airplane carry on bags.
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8 Jun 2009, 00:47
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I am flying to New York in a couple weeks, and I don't want to check my bag in. I was wondering what the restrictions for that are? I have a bag that can fit in the upper compartment. I haven't flown in about 3 years, and I heard that they don't let you have a little bag with your carry on anymore. Does anyone know if that is true? Also about the makeup and stuff, I am not going to be carrying on any liquids or anything but I was wondering what the restrictions are on that. I know you can only have so many ounces. I was just wondering for my face wash, toner and moisturizer. Thanks guys. =]
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8 Jun 2009, 01:21
Toffee Sprinkles
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As long as the bag fits in the overhead compartment, you should be fine. Most airlines will also let you bring a carry on bag and another small bag, like a purse or laptop case.

Some airports, like LAX, won't let you take any liquids through security at all, even if it meets the 3oz. requirement.
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9 Jun 2009, 01:44
Sunlight Silence
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That is NOT true about LAX. That's the airport I go through and they let you take liquids through as long as each bottle of liquid is under 4 oz and in a plastic bag. Know what you're talking about before saying something stupid please.
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9 Jun 2009, 02:17
Toffee Sprinkles
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I guess it depends on security, then. My parents just flew out of LAX, and they wouldn't let my mom bring ANY of the liquids she had, not even her tiny bottle of eye drops. *shrug*
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8 Jun 2009, 09:59
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Liquids may depend on the airport and the airline. But in the UK, generally you can take on bottles of 100ml or less (you can't take larger bottles even if they're only partially full), as long as they're in one single resealable plastic bag. You should be able to find the regulations on the airport and/or the airline website.

How many pieces of hand luggage you carry also depends on the airline. Some airlines enforce the rule of only one piece of hand luggage. However, if you have an extra hand bag, it's OK as long as you can put it inside your other bag while going through security (some airlines make you put it inside the other bag for boarding the plane too). Other airlines still allow an extra handbag. Should all be on the website though.

It looks as if you've already figured out the bag size/weight regulations. They vary between airlines too.
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17 Jun 2009, 07:39
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I just flew out of DFW and the Seattle airport this past weekend and you get a carry on and a personal bag. I don't know what airline you are using but Amercian for ur carry on when you add the deminsions up it has to be smaller that 45 in and personal 36 in and any any liquids have to be in a plastic clear ziploc quart size bag. The requirement for the size at the airports I used was 3.4oz
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8 Jun 2009, 04:50
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Normally you can have one piece of luggage and a personal item like a purse. it seems like each airline has different dimensions on luggage sizes so you should really look at their specific website to see what it is. as far as liquids you're allowed to have one quart sized bag full of the small containers, normally its 2 oz or less, but they have to be in the zip lock bag and they will make you take them out when you go through security. I would really suggest you looking at your specific airline's website they are just chock full of all the specific information you need to know!
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8 Jun 2009, 07:34
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Thanks, I did that and found the right size for my airline. I was looking everywhere for the ounce size and for some reason couldn't find it. I think it's cause I was so tired.
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9 Jun 2009, 00:46
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You can take up to 3 ounces of liquid in your carry on.
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