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The Bloop picnic
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3 Jun 2009, 22:29
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Just a reminder for everyone that we are holding a picnic for Bloopers here in the UK in July. The date will be either 11th or 18th, and it would be great to see as many Bloopers there as possible! If anyone is interested, and hasn't already told us, please leave us a comment at the BloopEvent diary (you will need to request to view if you haven't already).

Hopefully see some of you then!
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4 Jun 2009, 07:16
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we need one for the usa as well. it should be a yearly thing. bloop reunion
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4 Jun 2009, 00:39
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anyone want to send me a plane ticket? :-D
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4 Jun 2009, 01:24
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I am so there!

just teasing ;D

have fun all, n take lots of PICS :D
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4 Jun 2009, 06:55
Lady Elphaba
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I'd love to attend but I'll possibly be abroad at that time :P
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