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21 Dec 2008, 20:11
Post Count: 10
Okay, maybe it's embarassing, but who has one?
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21 Dec 2008, 21:09
Post Count: 1938
Is anyone here in the 7th grade?
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21 Dec 2008, 23:59
Poetic Justice
Post Count: 229
I have a couple of friends who have one and love it. I thought about making one, but it's not really my style and I know I would rarely use it (if ever) so I wont waste their space
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21 Dec 2008, 22:10
Music God CJ Plain
Post Count: 550
I used to have an account there back in the day. The place is boring though now.
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21 Dec 2008, 23:01
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
I have one but I only use it very rarely. It's good for finding new artsists, especially as I enjoy industrial music so much.
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21 Dec 2008, 23:21
Post Count: 2651
I don't even know what it is.
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