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When Smarts Are Outlawed
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27 May 2009, 16:27
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When Smarts Are Outlawed

I think this is a topic that should be out in the open.
The guy makes some good points.
Here is my comment:

"This is no longer the wild wild west, there is no need to carry around guns in town, out in the open. Guns you bought from the military industrial complex (weapons manufacturers) warmongers. Crime has nothing to do with gun ownership, it's an economics issue. Especially for caveman old thinking like the guy in the video whom only measures success by how much money you can hoard, in a civilization that imports goods and services, and only pays out a paper debt fiat US dollars, for the 4 trillion she owes, and 1 trillion to be added annually in trade deficits- the root of your economics problem. If you are truly interested in protecting your civil liberties, and the constitution, including of course the 2nd amendment. You must get behind a true democracy, with national initiatives, bec the republic of only trusting politicians to make all the decisions for you, is failure.
Fair Trade is a must, to stop world wide financial globalism. Sound money only works with fair trade, not fantasy austrian economics.
ps. whomever outlawed your smarts, see if you an sue them, and get your smarts back! logic and reason misses you!" -Tommy
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27 May 2009, 16:48
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The punch line is: "When smarts are outlawed, only outlaws will be smart"

Now that I love!
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