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Candy cigarettes bad?
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22 May 2009, 02:36
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In my opinion... I think they are bad. I can't believe the ice cream man still sells them! My son is 6 and told me his friends bought gum cigarettes from the ice cream man. I was upset about that. Especially when I found him holding one and pretending to puff on it! I told him he could take the wrapper off and chew the gum. The wrapper looked like a real cigarette. My son has asthma and a low immune system. I teach him about the dangers of smoking.

What do you think about these candy cigarettes? I am trying to find the phone number to my local ice cream man company... if there is one... and ask them to stop selling them. But they will probably need a paper with a bunch of signatures... which I will be happy to get!!
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22 May 2009, 02:41
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We had those 'Fads' things when I was a kid, and they are basically the same thing, on the little box, was a picture of a guy smoking them, they were little white sticks with a red end. We were never allowed to buy them because my parents were quite strict on smoking.. and I think thats a good thing. They shouldnt be allowed... They spend all this money on advertising on how smoking kills and stuff, and then they go and let little kids think that smoking tastes like candy!

haha Ok so most kids, once they reach the age of being curious about smoking arent going to be so dumb, but it plants the idea that smoking is cool in their head. I think its rediculous! Definately something that shouldnt be sold at all!
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22 May 2009, 06:13
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If kids expect smoking to taste like candy, boy will they be surprised if/when they ever try it.....

Personally, I love em. They taste good. I snatch up as many boxes as I can and eat em like there's no tomorrow.

I have, however, seen them marketed as "Candy Stix" as opposed to "Candy Cigarettes". Those would be more appropriate, I think, rather than just getting rid of them altogether.
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22 May 2009, 07:10
& skull.
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holy crap i remember those, i thought they tasted awful. as does actual smoking haha.
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22 May 2009, 22:11
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I thought they tasted disgusting, too. A big roll of thick sugar!
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22 May 2009, 02:41
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they had them when i was a kid, and i imitated smoking and i don't smoke now. If you're teaching him about real ones, fake ones aren't going to do anything as long as they stick to the candy..
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22 May 2009, 04:18
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I dunno. I thought they were cool when I was little, and I don't smoke. People actually TAUGHT me about smoking.

You say you teach your son about the dangers of smoking. Chances are, candy cigarettes aren't going to contradict your teachings.
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22 May 2009, 04:34
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i had t hem when i was little and it didn't do anything to my future habits..if you teach your kids correctly it'll be okay. chances are, your kids are going to do whatever the hell they want either way.

all of my friends ate them when we were little and even pretended like we were smoking. i never thought about it when i was a teen and i think it's going overboard to get a petition going.

i must sit back and roll my eyes now.
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22 May 2009, 05:45
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maybe Obama will tax them out of the market like he's doing with "sin tax"
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22 May 2009, 06:14
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Better watch out. Chocoholics will be in for a rude awakening. Have you ever eaten Green & Blacks Organic Milk Chocolate?

That stuff is definitely sinful, without a doubt.
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22 May 2009, 06:32
.Blue Bella.
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I won't lie... I loved them as a kid and what I liked about them was that they didn't smell like my aunties smokes lol.
But I can see why they're giving the wrong impression.
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22 May 2009, 08:56
Oprah Noodlemantra
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I loved them as a kid, and if I find them now, I still buy them. Honestly, I do think that advertising them as "candy cigarettes" isn't a very smart thing. I grew up with both parents smoking, and I always bought those, and I've now been smoking for six years. I don't know if they had much to do with it, but I don't doubt it.
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22 May 2009, 13:24
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Yeah, it's a bad idea! But, on the other hand, it maybe good for people who are trying to quit smoking! lol

An ice cream man? Sounds awesome! Send him to my neighborhood, okay?
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22 May 2009, 15:19
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My sisters & I bought them all the time when we were little. It was super fun to pretend to smoke. They both smoke now, I don't. And I hardly think they both smoke now because of our candy cigarette days back in like 1992. I'm sure whether or not we had bought them they still would be smokers.
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22 May 2009, 15:20
Immortal Shadows
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i don't think using the candy "cigarettes" will make kids think about smoking when they're older. I, too, used them, and I don't smoke. If both parents smoke around their kids it is more likely that they will start smoking because of that, and not because of candy cigarettes.
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22 May 2009, 15:32
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I've never heard of them. I even had to google it. ha ha.
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22 May 2009, 15:33
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Oh and I never used them or heard of them and smoked for about three years. I ended up quitting though.
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22 May 2009, 15:52
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22 May 2009, 16:36
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I'm glad a lot of you feel the same way. I've seen candy stix and I've bought those before. They were very thin pieces of candy.. all sugar. These ones that the ice cream man sells are gum. The wrapper is white with a brown tip. Looks just like a real cigarette.

I was thinking of getting signatures to have them stop selling them.... but kids are going to find them somewhere. I just have to teach my kid about the dangers and hope he listens. His dad smokes. I don't. I don't like it when he goes to his dads because he comes home smelling like a big cigarette and his asthma starts acting up even more. He had to go to the hospital in March! I talk to his dad about not smoking around him but he just doesn't seem to listen. But that's a whole other thing lol.
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22 May 2009, 19:20
Kelsey Lynn xox
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well, i do agree where it could be seen as bad advertising, but with so much of that out there, who's to complain? you'll just have to teach your children the difference between right and wrong.

you see so much sex on television, but there isn't going to be anything done about it anytime soon either..
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22 May 2009, 19:49
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Wow I can't believe candy cigarettes are even still around! I thought I was sooo cool when I got my hands on them as a kid haha.
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22 May 2009, 20:23
Post Count: 507
They still have these? Oh wow... I haven't seem candy smokes since I was a child.
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