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Gay Marriage Opponents Now Want Legal Definition
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15 May 2009, 16:28
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How did I get into this...I didn't even post anything here.....Geez!
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15 May 2009, 17:45
~Just the 3 of Us~
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I knew it was satire...which is why I said hilarious! lol
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15 May 2009, 19:57
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I'm honestly amazed anyone thought that was real. Did you not notice that they writing style was completely...well, satirical? The topic is so ridiculous and...hey, noone actually heard about common sense would dictate...
All the while, it made me giggle.
Although personally I agree that those who don't celebrate holidays for the reasons which they were created, they shouldn't celebrate them at all. Christmas, Easter, Kwaanzaa, your mom day, it doesn't matter. If you don't believe in the real day, don't celebrate it.
Ok, end rant =P
All in all, people are dumb and need to be shot.
This Ryan Garns fellow seems an interesting one, maybe we'll keep him =P
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16 May 2009, 00:07
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LOL. Sad, I could see this happening.
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16 May 2009, 18:35
kein mitleid
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What's next, taking away Thanksgiving unless you're a fucking Pilgrim?

Only letting military veterans celebrate July 4th? Only Presidents are allowed to get President's Weekend?

What a crock of shite. These Christians are just getting all anal because they are losing ground.
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16 May 2009, 23:55
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and I quote:


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