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F U Fridays!
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19 Dec 2008, 15:32
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This post has deleted.
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19 Dec 2008, 15:50
Catch May If You Can
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19 Dec 2008, 17:30
.Broken Angela.
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19 Dec 2008, 20:38
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FU car battery for dying when I wanted to get home from night shift
FU garage for charging me 70 for a replacement
FU for my lack of sleep due to time spent getting car fixed
FU physics text book for making me confused
FU house for being so cold!
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20 Dec 2008, 00:03
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FU us congress and senate for deciding to vote on the latest bail out bill during christmas break so i can't have a honeymoon
FU new husband for not understanding that my work comes first
FU my intern for fing up all the time and then acting like its my fault
FU my intern for never asking questions and doing things your own way so i have to redo it
FU this blizzard for hitting on an important workday
FU Bob Casey's office for making me call you 200 times for stupid shit cause you can't make your contact information available
FU Charles Schumer for making me resend the same fax 40 freaking times like I don't have other things to do
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20 Dec 2008, 00:35
Acid Fairy
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FU mind still worrying about things that are RESOLVED!
FU cold for infecting my boyfriend!
FU bladder, I cannot be arsed to go pee.
FU Amazon for not having so many DVDs in stock.
FU childcare teacher for being an idiot.
FU London Midland trains for not running a service from Stratford past 8pm!
FU boyfried for making me fall for you so I am now currently pining!
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