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21 and still living at home?
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12 May 2009, 06:48
already gone.
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That's crazy about you and you're brother :S
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12 May 2009, 06:47
already gone.
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I'm 24 and I still live at home with my mom. I've been paying rent since I turned 18 but I've been contributing financially since I was 16 (when I got my first job). I don't clean right now because we have others living with us but when it's just me and my mom I do most of the cleaning. Plus pay for my own food, gas money ect. Even if I was going to school full time I would still have to pay rent. I don't mind though. But I've never had a curfew.
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12 May 2009, 10:02
& skull.
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i'm 23 and i live at home, not for lack of trying though. but i doubt everyone wants to hear why i had to move back home once i'd already left. i pay weekly board/rent. i don't do chores and i can come and go as i please. my parents know i'm an adult and treat me as such.
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12 May 2009, 13:43
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i live at my moms me and my fiance. im 22 years old. i pay rent well help with utilities help with chores sometimes... im grown i come and go as i wish
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12 May 2009, 12:37
The Ryan
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I spend half my time living at my girlfriend's house and half my time living at home with the parents. For several reasons. ;D

1.) I hate to be in the same place all the time. I go spare.
2.) I don't have enough money to afford my own place. Seriously, you should check out the rent prices around here. They would make millionaires weep.
3.) I absolutely adore living at home. My family are saints. When I'm there they fawn over me, do everything for me, and expect nothing in return. PERFECT!
4.) My daughter lives at home with my family. It's the best place for her. She's in a loving, stable environment, where likewise she gets everything done for her and lives very comfortably indeed.
5.) I have separate groups of friends at home and near my girlfriend's. It's good to be able to spend quality time with each group!

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12 May 2009, 20:33
Super Logica
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I work 23.5 hours a week and I can still make rent.

I'm 22 btw and I'm living at home. I do do chores, but because it's unfair to live in my Mother's home and not make any effort. I mean, most parents kinda hope their kids will have bogged off by this age, so the least you can do is make them pleased you're around.

I wouldn't rebel if I were you. You're 21, not 16. And your parents have no duty of care towards you any more - they can quite easily tell you to move out.
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12 May 2009, 23:24
mrs mandy moo
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As a parent to older kids, I would be appalled to think my child, that I had allowed to stay under my roof, was whining on the net about how unfair her life was.
It's about personal responsibility. You are now legally an adult. You make a choice. Take advantage of your parent's generous offer, or get out and make it alone.
My own son is 17, and while I don't ask him for money, HE felt he should give me some when he was working over Christmas. He does lawnmowing, dishes, laundry.. and any other chore I ask without complaint. He works about 20 hours a week and has more than that in Uni contact hours.
He appreciates that I have worked hard to provide for him.
If you have an issue with your curfew, which I do understand, have a chat to them, like another adult. Unfortunately tho, as it is their home, you will have to respect their final choice.
Myself and my hub has discussed what will happen if either of his kids want to live with us later; they are 17 and 19 and seem to have a similar attitude to you; beleive me, they will have to act like adults, or get out.
No whining about contributing to household tasks. Contribute to costs. Get a job.
This is how adults behave.
Just because your parents have the money doesnt make it yours. I can guarentee they didnt get much off their parents. They have earned theirs.
My opinion is only one of many, I feel as parents our job is to get our kids ready for independant living.
My son wont be living with me, very shortly. I feel pretty confident he will be just fine.
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12 May 2009, 23:28
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After going back through this entire thread; I realized how immature the original advice seeker really sounded.

Everyone who gave the advice to 1. either suck it up and live peacefully rent free or 2. move; was absolutely correct.

If your parents are providing your necessities, which are a roof over your head, the majority of your food, the water, the electricity to do your hair,etc. than there should be NO REASON why you complain about their rules. If you do, than you need to suck it up and move out. Like I told her before I moved out at 17, because simply I did not agree with my parents. I only made $7.25 an hour and worked 35 hours a week at the time. That was a total of $1015 a month. I lived off of that by renting a ROOM out of a newspaper, (which included all of my cable, internet, lights, water, etc.) and than paid my car insurance, phone bill, gas, and food bill. I only had $50 bucks for spending money at the end of the month but hey it was better than dealing with my parents.

So I couldn't have said it better than some of these people; you are an adult now and if you want them to start treating you like one you have to start acting like one. And from this thread I can be sure you're not.
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13 May 2009, 02:24
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I couldn't agree more.
When I was FIFTEEN.. - 15!!!!! - I was a parent already.
I cooked. I did all the laundry for the whole house - mine, my daughters, my moms, and my brothers!
I cleaned - living rooms (2), bathroom, hallway, bedroom, etc.
I made out the grocery list.
I cooked.
I was 32 weeks pregnant scrubbing carpet to get stains out. I mean, come on.

You gotta contribute.. if you don't like your parent's rules, you gotta move out and do all the chores for yourself anyways, and pay bills.. it's not so pleasant! lol
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13 May 2009, 02:09
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im 22 years old and live at home with my child..i do nothing but take care of my son. leave whenever I want and dont "ask" if its ok. I say at 21 you shouldnt have a cerfew..hell your old enough to drink and if your coming in quitely then what should it matter right?
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13 May 2009, 02:29
Mary Magdelene
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You're right. It doesn't matter. Just go out, break the rule your parents have, and come home and in the morning don't be surprised when they tell you you need to find your own place and leave within the next couple of weeks.

After all, you're an adult. WHO CARES if they have that rule? Let's just disrespect them anyway. Because after all, you ARE an adult.

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13 May 2009, 21:51
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thats right!
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13 May 2009, 02:10
Post Count: 89 have a child?! I didnt know add me!
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13 May 2009, 02:21
- misseriin*
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I live at home still
I'm almost 21.
I pay for all my own stuff (minus food) and help out around the house
My parents would rather me at home during university as it is close to 6 grand a year and they'd rather not have me calling them crying because I can't afford rent/food/tuition.
needless to say i'll leave when I'm done post secondary and have a real job. as for curfew, as long as I don't come home in a cop car, my parents are happy.

I would recommend staying home during college/uni/ costs less and you aren't thousands in debt after
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13 May 2009, 05:04
Doll Face
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Here is the thing, if your parents pay for your food and housing, then you need to respect their rules. I'm 22 years old, live on my own and pay everything but school tuition. Anytime I got to visit my folks, if it is Sunday through Thursday evening, I have to be in by 10:30. It's life. Accept it or move out.
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13 May 2009, 10:40
Miss Murder
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I moved out when I was 17.
Before I left I wasnt in school so I had a crappy part time job which paid about 30 a week.
I gave all that to my mum to help with rent etc and she worked full time.
I didnt have a curfew but if I went out and planned on staying out late I either came home without making a noise or stayed at a friends house.
I did however have to clean the whole house and take the dogs for a walk 3 times a day and do the shopping.
I agree its hard to make it on your own with only one wage though.
Me and my husband have a tiny house and we have 2 wages coming in and we struggle to manage.
We also have a baby though so that is an added expense.
Me and my husband earn on average about 7.50 an hour which is roughly $11.30, we come out with $2,500ish a month.
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