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Fringe To Continue Its Freaky Ways
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5 May 2009, 18:32
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FOX makes Season 2 official.

May 4, 2009 - We were all pretty sure it would happen, but as always with TV news we had to wait for the official announcement. In a press release today it was announced that Fringe has indeed been picked up for a second season.

Fringe has managed to not only survive two long multi-week programming breaks - but thrive as well. "Fringe proved to be a notable addition to our schedule all season and it really has fans buzzing as it builds to a fantastic season finale," said Kevin Reilly, president of entertainment at FOX. Fringe, in fact, is the number one rated new series for adults.

Fringe continues to gain momentum, creatively and with viewers. We couldn't be more thrilled that Fringe will continue to freak people out for at least another season!" said executive producer J.J. Abrams.



Who's excited about this?! I AM! I love me from FRINGE! ;D
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5 May 2009, 21:40
*Forever Changing*
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I LOVE FRINGE! Its amazing. I was reading up on it, and they said they have the entire run of the show mapped out, they already know how and when it will end. That makes me sad to think about it ending but Fringe is by far the best show on FOX!!!!
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6 May 2009, 04:49
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I love how tonight's episode involved a scene about Star Trek (which JJ Abrams produced and directed). That made me giggle. :D
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5 May 2009, 18:53
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I fucking hate FOX. If they bring back Fringe then they better bring back Sarah Conner Chronicles. That show has a huge fan base and so many people are upset with fox right now. They are possibly bring back SCC but they are going to start a show about kids in a performing arts school (I forget the name).
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5 May 2009, 19:17
i blame mac
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You can watch the Sarah Conner Chronicles on Space if you get that channel. Then again, I believe it's a Canadian channel, so you may not get it. I've never seen Fringe.
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5 May 2009, 19:46
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I seen all 2 seasons. I mean, they might not bring the show back all together. It is a great show. I haven't seen a show like this in a very long time. TV shows were finally starting to get better. Of course FOX is stupid and they drop great shows. Take American Idol and other reality shows, big waste of time.
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6 May 2009, 19:17
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Dude Fringe is the shit!! I'm addicted. Missed last nights so I get to go home and watch it tonight. It's like a cross between x-files and law and order! I love Joshua jackson and the actress who plays olivia is hot!! They have the drunk girl from Nick and Nora's infinte playlist playing her sister and they look sooooo alike!!! it's a really good show. try going on their website. I don't know if they show episodes, but if they do I hope u like it. The cast goes so well together :-)
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7 May 2009, 02:17
*Forever Changing*
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FOX posts the episodes of fringe, thats how we watch it, no commercials. YEAH!
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6 May 2009, 00:46
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I LOVE Sarah Chronicles, I'm in Australia, I've still only seen season 1 :(
It's the best TV show around. It's so detailed and well written, it stuck so close to the movies.
Really hope it goes on for longer.
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