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2 May 2009, 16:18
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hahaha it's interesting how much everyone's SOs just love video games!

How supportive and loving he is all the time. He thinks i'm the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on and he just makes me feel amazing.
He's incredibly hard working as well and won't let one bad experience get him down. He is my rock and I am his. :0)

He still lives at home so we're long distance STILL. Balllssss.

But I still love him a lot and he is amazing. :0D
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2 May 2009, 17:57
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I love that my husband can always make me feel better in any situation. He knows just what to say, when to say it, and he NEVER fails to make me laugh. I love how supportive he is with me no matter what I'm having trouble with, and I love how well he takes care of me when I'm sick or injured. I really am blessed to have him.

I don't love how obsessed he is with vehicles. He's owned/sold at least 20 Jeeps in the past 2 1/2 years (these are old Jeep J10/J20s, Wagoneers, and Chiefs) and while they may be cheap, doing as much as he does with as many as he does gets expensive. When you're building a house and need money in that house fund constantly, spending money on Jeep parts gets QUITE aggravating to the other person (speaking of, he just spent $250 + a transmission on another one yesterday...). At any rate, thats really the only thing I can think of that he does that I really DON'T love, so I think all in all, I win ;).
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2 May 2009, 21:54
kid at heart.
Post Count: 108
20 Jeeps?!! Jesus, I knew he owned a lot, but 20!? What a man ;D.
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2 May 2009, 21:13
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
I love: that my boyfriend is silly and funny, but realistic too. He speaks his mind and doesn't back down or follow the crowd. We're always on the same page and we share the majority of each others viewpoints. He's always there for me in anyway I could possibly need it. He loves his family and would literally do anything for his parents or sister or niece. He's very easy going. We just get each other in a way that I don't think anyone else could, even after four years we can carry on a conversation like no other.

I don't like: that he can be very messy and very unmotivated at times. Also as of lately he's been very negative and easily discouraged. But we're all a work in progress ;).
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3 May 2009, 06:48
& skull.
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how patient he is. i'd have dumped me years ago.
his sense of humor.

how know-it-all he is. seriously he has an answer for everything ever.
how he lets people [mainly family] treat him like shit when he doesn't deserve it.
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3 May 2009, 07:05
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
His quirky sense of humour, and the silliness he can find at the most random times. He's fun, but knows when to be sensible.
His love and support - he will stick by me through anything, and supports me in anything I choose to do

The fact that he whines that I "always ask" him to clean up... because he never asks me... but doesn't understand that I "JUST DO IT!!!" He will always do it, if I ask... he doesn't often just do it of his own accord
The way he lets his family walk all over him... and makes up excuses for them when they do
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5 May 2009, 19:03
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"The fact that he whines that I "always ask" him to clean up... because he never asks me... but doesn't understand that I "JUST DO IT!!!" He will always do it, if I ask... he doesn't often just do it of his own accord"
Oh my gosh I 100% agree. I have the exact same problem.
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3 May 2009, 18:01
Post Count: 263
His sense of humor, he always makes me laugh. I love his passion for his art, it is amazing to be so passionate about something for so long. I also love how he instantly knows I am upset just by looking at me, or talking to me on the phone.
He always hogs the covers at night, we both do and it makes for an interesting night sleeping. He never hears his alarm clock so it wakes me up, and how he spends his money so easily on stupid things.
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4 May 2009, 11:13
Post Count: 58
might-as-well-be-husband (7 years in june!)


he is incredible and has been there for me through so much, in the past three years especially, and he puts up with me. to take &skull's a step further, i'd have killed me years ago for some of the shit i've put him through.

compassion. he would never, ever intentionally hurt another person, and he's as much of a sucker for a homeless cat as i am.

can't stand:

i'll join in on the video game chorus. fucking ps3 has come very close to being tossed out in the street after him several times now, as has the computer.

no money sense whatsoever. any cent he has, he'll blow.

for those of you who can't think of anything... if you can't think of a single little thing you dislike about your partner, it's not love - it's infatuation. real, lasting love has nothing to do with the flawlessness of your partner, but in being able to make it work despite petty annoyances.
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4 May 2009, 19:22
Meghans Follie
Post Count: 433
My favorite thing about my husband is one of the things that drew me to him - can be summed up as loyalty I guess. If he makes a commitment to something - he follows through. Even if its not convient to him (or me) or he isn't feeling well. He knows who his friends are and stands beside them and family no matter what the cost might be.
The second thing would be he knows how to have fun. Real fun - the kind where you laugh so hard it hurts your sides. Not the "well that was fun but cost too much money to do it again" kind.

What bugs be are little things to other people I suppose but their things that drive me insane. He chews his gum louder then some farm animals eat their food. There is very few things that can make me go from sane to insane and at wits end then the noise of gum being smacked!
The next biggest thing I guess would be also little - he always wears the same damn color of clothing when he is out of uniform! I am SO sick of seeing black and Texas Orange after 12 years of it. Thankfully its at least not the same two items of clothing every day though right?
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5 May 2009, 01:29
Post Count: 5
One of my favorite things about my husband is his ability to make me smile or laugh. No matter how bad or down I'm feeling he will always find a way to bring me up.
My second favorite thing is his ability to pull through. The most recent time that meant the most to me was when I was sick with bronchitis and a fever. I have asthma which makes bronchitis even worse. I can't get up without gasping for air half the time. Now this man can't take his pop can and throw it away when he's through let alone any other kind of cleaning, cooking, and other usual domestic chores. But he did it for me when I was sick. He had the kids cleaning and everything, he cooked, and he made my coffee. I heart him so much. :]

PEANUT BUTTER SPOONS!! omg! Ok, now I know this sounds petty but it drives me over the edge sometimes seeing as I am the one doing the domestic chores without help (when I'm not sick lol). Ugh, he'll make a peanut butter sammich and he always uses a spoon, which I hate. The cavity of the spoon is always filled with peanut butter because he can't manage to get it on the bread and then just throws it in the sink. A lot of times there are dishes in dishwater (no dishwasher here except my own two hands :/) and he'll just throw it in there and it gets all nasty and...yeah. gross. he's always putting off on bills no matter how much I protest it. He always gets me to shut up by promising to pay it out of the next paycheck because "we've got time" or whatever other reason he can come up with. Yet that next paycheck comes and goes and we are in debt up to our eyes. It's a fault of mine as well I suppose cause I keep letting it happen. I suppose I hate it knowing that he's worked hard all week for that money and then has to give it away to bills. But still I wish he were a bit more responsible with it. :[
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5 May 2009, 01:46
Post Count: 239
Like (in no particular order):
1. his looks. he's 6'2", shaggy dark brown hair, tan in the summer (he's half Italian! drool) and he has the most adorable smile. the way his smile turns up and not out makes him look so much like john travolta, especially since my boyfriend has a cleft too!
2. he is everything i could ever want in a significant other. we share the same beliefs, he's protective over me, he's a TOTAL gentleman. ever since day one he's opened car doors for me and pulled out my chair for me. that's a rare thing in an 18 year old!

1. the way he says "lies and slander" all the time. it's really weird and i hate it. i've told him this but he won't stop.
2. he kisses his mom on the mouth. VERY strange to me, i rarely even hug my parents.

all in all, he completes me. i would be an idiot if i ever said he wasn't enough.
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5 May 2009, 17:40
panda bear.
Post Count: 150
SOME of my favorite things about my fiance include how smart he is, how artistic he is, the way he smells, smiles, thinks. The way he can make me laugh even when my world is tumbling around me. I could go on ;)

My dislike would be the fact that he totally pushes me off the bed at night!!! Ugh yo! lol
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5 May 2009, 18:54
Kaybugs Mom
Post Count: 4
Loves: How how we cook dinner together, and how he says the cutest things.
Dislike: that damn xbox 360 and how quickly he gives up on stuff because of his temper.
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5 May 2009, 21:04
Post Count: 35

1. My husband's ability to have FUN. The day we met, he challenged me to a race on Mario Kart. He likes to joke around and act silly, pick me up and throw me over his shoulder.
2. He's SMART. We debate on subjects quite often and not only does he keep up with me, he brings out new points I never would have thought of.


1. He is seemingly "allergic" to housework. All of it.
2. He is easily upset and speaks much too quickly with anger.
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6 May 2009, 04:38
Post Count: 53

He told me he loved me more in the first year we were together than he ever did in the five years he with was with his ex-wife which is how he knew he loved me
He'll eat anything that I make for dinner and even if I fuck it up, he still eats it and tells me that I did a good job even though it wasn't my best.

He is so freaking indecisive that sometimes it takes about 20 minutes for him to decide what liquor he wants.
He feels like he is completely emasculated with me and his friends, though when I give him the chance to be The Decider, he shrugs and says he doesn't know even though in the past, he's never been met with a negative reaction from me when he has full control.
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14 May 2009, 18:35
Post Count: 29

[Loves] How he makes me laugh even when im soooo annoyed at him!
[Loves] How he looks and me and sees me as the most beautiful girl in his life

[Dislikes] How he is not as affectionate as me
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15 May 2009, 17:20
Post Count: 15
i love:

how he treats our animals like they are his babies, and how completely goofy he is.

i dislike:

how angry he gets over stupid stuff like spilling his drink all over, and how cranky he is in the morning!
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16 May 2009, 03:15
- misseriin*
Post Count: 64
how he puts up with my crap/drama/stupid nonsense
that he took care of my stoned ass when i had my wisdom teeth out
how good he smells
how comfy he is to sleep on

his super anti-social-ness
his need to dress like an angry teenager
that he hates dancing
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16 May 2009, 18:42
kein mitleid
Post Count: 592
I would really hate what my girlfriend would have to say about me... and I'd hate to see what my wife would say about me....

But I'd really hate it if they both wrote this and found out about eachother....
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