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1 May 2009, 23:51
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what are the two[or more lol] things you love the most about your husband/boyfriend and what are the two[or more] things that just drive you nuts???
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2 May 2009, 03:45
Mistress Sarah
Post Count: 45

How damn intelligent he is..... He is a master of nearly everything... except international relations, I kick his ass at that ;)

How caring and considerate he is..... He is simply amazing.


How arrogant he can get, arrogant and playfully (but annoyingly) chauvinistic.

How busy he keeps himself!

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2 May 2009, 05:27
Lady Sheri
Post Count: 71
He loves me for everything that I am, unconditionally. He looks at me like I am the most beautiful woman live.
He is my rock, and we go though everything together. Some people may not be able to go through everything that we have gone through in the last year, but we are a team. I love that he is willing to work hard on our relationship to make it work.

He sits RIGHT next to me on the sofa. Not a big deal, but... RIGHT NEXT TO ME! We have a GIANT sofa that can easily fit like 5-6 people comfortably, and he will sit right next to me!
He is a radio control freak. I can be singing a song that is on, and he'll still change it!

He is my world, and well, that's all that matter
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2 May 2009, 15:36
Post Count: 127
I love How he makes eye contact and you can see the desire in his eyes with me during conversations and sex.
I love how easily he can brighten my day with a simple compliment.

I honestly have found nothing yet that i dislike about him.
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3 May 2009, 06:50
Post Count: 102
how caring and sweet he is
the fact that he puts up with my crazy moods

how much he plays wow
that it takes forever to get him to do things he don't wanna do
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5 May 2009, 02:56
Lunar Sea
Post Count: 128
Hahahaha. WoW, that terrible destroyer of relationships.

There's a song for that you know.
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3 May 2009, 18:42
brooke !
Post Count: 100
[loves] that he texts me throughout the day asking how i'm doing and if the kids are good.
[loves] how he has the best interest of my daughter at heart, even though she isn't biologically his.

[dislikes] that he won't get rid of his truck and get an SUV that's easier to fit more the booster seat, the car seat, and future carseats for our future kids.
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5 May 2009, 14:34
Post Count: 322
I love how extremely thoughtful and sweet and sincere he is. I know he's willing to make out relationship work, even if it is hard for us sometimes.

I hate it when he gets all mopey because I don't feel like cuddling. It irritates me how he can be too sensitive sometimes.
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5 May 2009, 18:22
Kinsley's Mom
Post Count: 4
I love about my husband:
- he has patience with me (& my crazy hormone mood swings)
- he always makes me smile.
- he has an amazing personality!
- Gives me amazing full body massages

What i hate is:::
- he chews his finger nails, SO GROSS!
- he plays too much poker.
- he doesnt care what he looks like when we're going out, he can be wearing a stained up tshirt & i have to beg him to change into something decent. lol
- the fact that i have to ASK him to help out around the house, and i have to ask it multiple times!

We've been together for 3 years. Tied the knot 11/08/08 :-)
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2 May 2009, 00:03
Simply Mom
Post Count: 85
my husband: Likes; Caring and i can talk to for just about everything Dislikes; Leaves his paper work and Army crap all over my place, and plays his computer games more than anyone should.
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2 May 2009, 00:41
Post Count: 2
Likes: How we can have fun and be silly together even after 2.5 years, how he is understanding and listens to me when needed. Dislikes: How he is extremely slow at EVERYTHING, and because of this he is NEVER on time. He gets angry at stupid shit, so I just laugh at him :)
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2 May 2009, 00:46
Post Count: 74
Likes: He can clean AND cook.
Dislikes: All the time he spends on the computer and him not putting any effort in going back to school.
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2 May 2009, 04:14
*Forever Changing*
Post Count: 847
Are our husbands twins?

Likes: he is a stay at home daddy, well for the most part. He loves to cook and clean. Dislikes: The 360 is his mistress, and I have to get on him to do his school stuff.
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2 May 2009, 00:48
Post Count: 408
my husband cracks me up on a daily basis. I need him to make me laugh.
I also love when a topic really interests him and he gets excited explaining his opinion and such, because we have really good discussions.

he fidgets sometimes, and has no idea he does it until I ask him to stop- because it's so noticeable (like tapping on something)
He can't use our toothpaste without closing IT in such a way that toothpaste gets off the cap and somehow gets onto the counter. I do not understand this. :-P

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2 May 2009, 03:08
Love, Rebekah
Post Count: 85

Likes: how honest we can be with each other and how he loves me no matter what I do or how emotionally jacked up I am. He makes me feel amazing and like I can do anything.

Dislikes: how he talks about WoW (World of Warcraft) ALL of the fracking time and how he steals all of the covers in the winter on really cold nights!
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3 May 2009, 06:51
Post Count: 102
hehe i feel with you on ur first hubby is always playing wow or when we're around his friends that's ALL they talk about
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4 May 2009, 02:37
Love, Rebekah
Post Count: 85
Oh man... I've stopped listening to them. lol. They're trying to get me to play. Umm... no.
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2 May 2009, 03:28
take me there
Post Count: 40
1. hes so loving and sweet about everything and compliments me just because.
2. he gets me and knows how to show his emotions.

1. his smile.
2. his laugh.

1. That he is insecure and depressing a few days.
2. That he can't sit still if his life depended on it!

Absolutely nothing.
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2 May 2009, 04:44
Post Count: 308
I love his:
sense of humour
perfect mix of maturity and immaturity
laugh (especially when it's out of control!)
intelligence (even when he comes off as a pompous ass, because he's almost always right)
ability to put up with all my shit all these years, and still love me to pieces

I can't stand his:
laziness (he always makes excuses as to why he can't clean around the house, etc.)
indecisiveness (especially about his job - should I stay or should I go? - it's incredibly frustrating)
usage of ADD as a crutch (I hate it, because he won't stay medicated without constant nagging, and that opens a whole new bag of argh!)
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2 May 2009, 21:16
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
laziness (he always makes excuses as to why he can't clean around the house, etc.)

Oh I hear that one! What I think they don't realize is that really, doing a few things around the house takes less than half an hour. It's not time consuming at all, yet there is always an excuse....
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5 May 2009, 01:07
Janet Ann
Post Count: 1

his cooking
self sufficient - he is a hunter and my dad & brothers never were
he still can leave me weak in the knees after some loving....

I Hate:
he is ALWAYS late and acts like everyone else has to get ready before he can even think of getting ready
he severely underestimates how much time something will take. He will say it should only take an hour, I automatically know it will then take 3 haha.
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2 May 2009, 05:01
- cynthia -
Post Count: 45
i love:
how hard he works for his family. i was able to be a stay @ home mom for 2 years.
his sense of humor, he never fails to make me laugh!
he's an amazingly patient father! :)

i hate:
his snoring! seriously, i wanna put a pillow over his head! lol.
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4 May 2009, 19:23
Meghans Follie
Post Count: 433
Try touching the tip of his nose when he snores. It works most of the time for my hubby lol
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2 May 2009, 08:04
Post Count: 425

I love his sense of humor. He is always joking around.

I love his fathering. He is the most wonderful father my daughter could ever have. She is so lucky to have such a great dad! I never had a father like Brian is to our daughter; and I'm most grateful!

Drives me Nuts:
How much he plays stupid WoW. It almost destroyed our relationship; now we have a compromise. No playing before 7:00pm and than he must be off by 4am. :)

He calls me Dyke. As a joke; but I hate it!
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2 May 2009, 14:42
Love Bipolar Inc
Post Count: 45

How caring and loving he is. I never have to ask him to cuddle.
How he can make ma laugh even though most of his jokes aren't funny; I laugh because he's laughing at his own jokes lol
How we share responsibilities at home instead of just one of us doing the work


his snoring
how he never uses the alarm clock and I am waking him up for work 98% of the time
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