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Favorite websites?
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27 Apr 2009, 17:18
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Its pretty awesome, its a radio site where you can build your own stations, no commercials either, I get a lot of good music exposure from it, and discover new bands because they link bands to other bands that sound alike. If you despise a band you can skip them by pressing the thumbs down button, once you thumb them down twice they are banned from your stations. If you want to look me up I am krazymonkeysrock

Myspace/AIM Mail/Facebook are obvious ones

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28 Apr 2009, 03:29
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Sounds alot like :P
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28 Apr 2009, 03:37
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Yeah I love that website, I listen to pandora all the time!
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28 Apr 2009, 03:56
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1 May 2009, 05:18
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4 May 2009, 15:26
Beautiful Lies
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Because nobody likes myspace anymore.
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5 May 2009, 01:23
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I love myspace... lol
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5 May 2009, 01:27
Beautiful Lies
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boo! lol.

facebook > myspace.

Myspace gave me viruses when I didn't even click on weird websites. I would click on my mailbox or click to view one of my own blog entries and my Mcafee would display a message saying it cleaned a trojan or something. Not cool!
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5 May 2009, 05:42
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I haven't ever had any problems with Myspace, and I am not smart enough for face book lol... I just am a long time lover of myspace, I was on it when it was a dating site before ANYONE was on there lol..
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3 May 2009, 22:26
Ariel ♥
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it will show you endless websites! :)
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4 May 2009, 14:28
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hell yes! I was going to say stumbleupon.
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4 May 2009, 15:48
Post Count: 86 ..kept me entertained for hours last night..heh
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4 May 2009, 19:41
Tam I Am
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