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How much should you pay for a babysitter?
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19 Apr 2009, 22:59
brooke !
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i used to babysit a kid down the street from me, him and my daughter were best friends and they got along well. i insisted she didn't have to pay me, because her son gave my daughter some company. but i think she gave me like $20 a night.
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20 Apr 2009, 02:01
immortalized artiste
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Wherever I babysat, I would get probably around $10 an hour... around there.
I used to watch 2 kids for an hour every morning and they paid me around 50-60 bucks a week.
Other kids I have watched at night, it would be around 10 dollars an hour, if not more. Lol, I know, seems steep compared to what others have said, but I dno, people have just always paid me that.
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20 Apr 2009, 02:32
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I would definitely say at least min. wage for wherever you live. The most I ever got was $11 an hour and the least was ... $8 an hour I think. ^_^
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20 Apr 2009, 17:20
kein mitleid
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Nothing, that's what the mother is for.
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