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21 Apr 2009, 00:06
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I have freckles too. They don't show up much until I get in the sun or tanning bed tho. =)
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21 Apr 2009, 01:03
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I refuse to go anywhere near a tanning bed.

But yeah, I don't freckle until I'm in the sun. You should see my shoulders!!!

And my hair gets all red too.
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20 Apr 2009, 23:49
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I would love to have the DNA test done that confirms your ancestry. I think it would be fascinating!
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20 Apr 2009, 23:51
Acid Fairy
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OH me too! The prices have really come down recently too. My mom is considering having it done, how exciting would that be!
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21 Apr 2009, 00:12
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It would rock!!! I know where most of my family is from....but having it confimred would be awesome!! Nat Geo were running some project where they would do it for you to build some sort of data base..might try and see if that is still going.
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21 Apr 2009, 01:30
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Pardon me for being ignorant, but how exactly do DNA ancestry tests work? I mean how would you know what sections of your DNA came from what parts of the world, surely there were instances of the same mutation in different parts? And how do they know if the variation in your DNA is recent or ancestral?

I am half Filipino and half Puerto Rican, but my PR side has German (and probably some other European) ancestry, my dad could pass for Caucasian XD
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