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Huggies vs. Pampers?
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17 Apr 2009, 00:55
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We use Huggies! weve never had a problem except once I didnt put it on properly and he peed all over his mum.
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17 Apr 2009, 05:19
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Right now I prefer Pampers but my daughter is in newborn sized swaddlers. I tried the Huggies ones with the umbilical cord notch and they were sooo small. I have a bunch of different brands in various sizes though so we'll see what I use more when she is bigger :)
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17 Apr 2009, 07:46
Dreamer ♥
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We have used both and had success with both, however I do prefer Huggies, reasoning for that is that tehy keep Oscar dry for way much longer than pampers. Pampers after a night, even the ones with 12 hour protection, were still soaked through and sometimes we would have to change the bad!

Wipes, again I would say huggies. Anything else and you tend to get a million when your trying to get 1 out. They are thick and durable.
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17 Apr 2009, 08:55
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Geez, this is like a puzzle. Who knew diapers were so much work. I just thought brand name diapers were just diapers.
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17 Apr 2009, 14:52
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With all my experience with babies, I would have to say Pampers. Huggies are okay, but my kids got diaper rash with them. Same with Luvs..they just suck. Also, any store brand is terrible. No leakage control wsoever.
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17 Apr 2009, 15:15
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oh and wipes wise we always stuck to cotton wool and water, just got a big roll of it and ran it under the tap/took a bottle of water out with us. many less chemicals on a newborn sensitive bum! we just continued to do that, a roll of cotton wool lasts months! now we're using cloth wipes though.. dunno why we didn't before, its no difference at all as we wash the nappies anyway!
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17 Apr 2009, 20:27
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for both my babies its pampers :)
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25 Apr 2009, 16:53
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My son was allergic to a lot of diapers so I used the Walmart brand White Cloud. They are cheap and work great! Never had any problems with them. My son is still sensitive to a lot of things and he's 6. I have to use unscented sensitive wipes on him when I wipe his booty lol. Yes... I still wipe his booty. He would make a mess if I didn't lol.
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25 Apr 2009, 17:07
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I only used Pampers up until Kaidance was a year old. Everything leaked. But now - I get really great coupons from Huggies. These coupons are better than pampers (while I prefer them) so I use Huggies to get the extra savings. When it comes to wipes, Huggies wins by a long shot!
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25 Apr 2009, 17:08
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I registered for a lot of Pampers Swaddlers so I'm glad to see that many moms like that kind. I have heard though that it really depends on the baby - some just "fit" better and won't leak the way other brands do.
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26 Apr 2009, 00:40
Post Count: 74
We use Target brand everything. Their cheap and just as good as the name brand ones.
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26 Apr 2009, 12:03
Sensitive Girl
Post Count: 21
We used huggies for diapers and for wipes too. I found they were really dependable.
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27 Apr 2009, 00:56
Beautiful Lies
Post Count: 402
I don't have a baby, but I've noticed that a lot of the guests where I work (target) use Huggies. They're definitely a popular brand. A lot of people also (surprisingly) purchase the target brand diapers too.

Again, I don't have a child, but it's what I've noticed at work. I think you're basically going to have to try out one brand to see if it works and continue that until you find a brand that works and that baby likes. Every baby is different so who knows! Good Luck!
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27 Apr 2009, 01:18
♥ Mia Famigli
Post Count: 23
I'm in Australia and i use snugglers. They are pretty much identical to huggies but are at least $15aud cheaper for a pack and i havent had any problems with them!
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27 Apr 2009, 09:43
Post Count: 507
We have used both before... never noticed much difference between them. Then again, that was 9 years ago. But aye... I do remember liking the velcro straps on one of them. I forget which though. (and yes... I was actually in charge of changing teh baby! heh)
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27 Apr 2009, 13:54
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I used pampers all the way until Kiara was potty training. Pampers swaddlers and then Pampers baby dry (they seemed to hold the most) and then once Kiara started potty training it didn't matter, either huggies or pampers.
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27 Apr 2009, 15:53
Post Count: 6
To be truthful, we used pampers for newborn, and then once he was in size 1'2 we used the walmart brand ( $5 a pack, while huggies are like $10 a pack!) I only bought pampers for at night since he would be sitting longer. If you plan on changing your child as much as you should be, generic is going to hold just fine
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27 Apr 2009, 19:46
Miss Murder
Post Count: 33
I use Huggies with my son. Pampers dont keep his poo in!
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28 Apr 2009, 22:43
The Mama
Post Count: 51
I used Pampers for my daughter and I use Pampers for my son too. I've tried to use store brands but Walmart's brand is just terrible, Targets was OK, but I've come to realize Pampers is best (and he doesnt leak through them)
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29 Apr 2009, 03:34
Lunar Sea
Post Count: 128
At what age do kids stop using nappies and start potty training? I'm the youngest in my family so all these important baby lessons passed me by.

What about age when they start wiping themselves?
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29 Apr 2009, 03:40
Post Count: 1
I use pampers. My son would leak through anything else. Wipes I use pampers senstive. Huggies ripped really easily for me.
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29 Apr 2009, 05:29
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
For those in Aus - I've heard some rave reviews about Aldi brand nappies. Haven't heard about their wipes though.
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29 Apr 2009, 05:29
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
For those in Aus - I've heard some rave reviews about Aldi brand nappies. Haven't heard about their wipes though.
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