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Your Job
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15 Apr 2009, 18:33
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I'm a doctor. I'm a trainee (same as a resident in America) anaesthetist. I anaesthetise people for surgery (usually general anaesthetics, but some spinal anaesthetics too), work in intensive care and in some other areas like acute pain and obstetrics (epidurals for labour, anaesthetics for caesarian section etc).

The best parts of my job - taking care of patients, taking away their pain (especially with the epidurals for labour - definitely the most satisfying thing I've ever learned to do), calming their fears about their anaesthetic, making the sickest patients well again in ICU, doing lots of fun practical procedures (intubation, epidurals, central lines, spinal anaesthetics etc) and the fact that it's mostly fairly routine and not too stressful, but with the potential for things to very quickly go VERY wrong (like having a patient have a cardiac arrest in ICU or an obstetric patient start haemorrhaging) which keeps things exciting.

The worst part - the hours. :P When I'm 'oncall' (i.e. covering intensive care and/or on for emergency surgery) the shifts are 12-13 hours (normal days are 9 hours). I work anything from 30 hours a week up to 80 hours a week (the past 2 weeks I worked 143 hours). AND I have to spend my free time studying for ridiculously difficult (and expensive) specialist exams. :P

I've been working in anaesthetics for 2 years, but my current job is a 6 month rotation from my base hospital, so I've been there only 2 months. And now I need to go get ready for my night shift!
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15 Apr 2009, 18:44
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OMG! I can't imagine how hard having to work and study that much would be :S 143 hours in two weeks! They better be paying you a heck load of money =P
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15 Apr 2009, 19:03
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Money's OK, but once I've paid my exam fees (each one is 300 - 500 per sitting), mortgage and my numerous loan repayments I'm not left with much at the end of the month. So I'm certainly not rich. It'll be easier once I'm out of debt though.
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16 Apr 2009, 11:27
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You'd still lend me 5 though eh? eh?

A HIGH FIVE!!!! OH!!!!!!!

*high fives*

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16 Apr 2009, 11:39
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Only for you. ;)
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18 Apr 2009, 16:36
Acid Fairy
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I think you have to be so motivated in your job to do those sorts of hours. I could not cope with it!
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15 Apr 2009, 19:02
Kinsley's Mom
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i do billing for local hospitals.. it pays the bills (atleast helps out with them) but i get bored & i've become so anti-social after being hidden behind cubicle walls for almost 3 years now! My hubby is a correctional officer so he's our "bread winner"~ lol
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15 Apr 2009, 19:33
♥ Hollie
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I work for a medical billing company. I've been here a year this month. My favorite part is the flexible schedule and my co-workers. My least favorite part is fighting with insurance companies all day long and being stuck at a desk all day.
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16 Apr 2009, 02:55
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Don't you wish you could jump through the phone at some insurance companies employees some days? Or, ya know..every day..? lol.
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16 Apr 2009, 13:20
♥ Hollie
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LOL. Oh yes!! Seems like they hire the rudest, dumbest people most days!
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15 Apr 2009, 22:07
just samma;
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I work from home for a market research company.
we do mainly political things like making sure the names, addresses and pone numbers on file are correct. We call people to ask if they need more information about the elections, voting day, if they need a ride to the polls etc.
Occasionally we'll get agriculture projects where we have to call farmers who agreed to be in a research program & have them fill out the questionnaire about a product that they used.
I like it because i decide when i work, without feeling any pressure if i need/want time off.
I work in my pajamas in my office.
I'm online, so i'm constantly chatting with friends, on facebook, twitter etc my entire shift.
I'm always laughing. Whether it is at people freaking out on me because I know their address or people who just HAVE to express their opinion about political issues & keep me on the phone for 20 minutes.
We usually have short shifts [5 hours] but get 2 15 minute breaks.

I'm on the computer & my ass all day so when my shift is over the last thing i want to do is sit here anymore.
If we have no signed projects, we don't have work.
My bosses are husband & wife team. It's unorganized, the communication between employees & employers SUCKS.
It's to damn convenient to hate to much.
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16 Apr 2009, 00:19
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This is such an interesting topic. I work at a hotel, for front desk. I have been here since November of 2008.
Pros: Don't really do anything except sit on my butt on the computer. I can do my homework at work, which is what I'm about to do. My boss is amazing, and so nice.
Cons: I usually work the 3-11 shift, and that can be tiring to stay up all that time when all I want to do is sleep and there is nothing to do. Also I work almost every weekend which sucks.
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16 Apr 2009, 00:47
~*Queen Bee*~
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i'm unemployed! lol but hopefully i'll be back in banking soon.

I was a teller for about 1 yr and 7 months. I loved that I was the best at it. That I had the highest volume of transactions (one month I had 4500 and everyone else had like 2000), and that my supervisor trusted me to recieve the vault shipments (her job) and just generally knowing how to do everything from transactions to balancing and adding money to the ATM.

I hated the customers at times. I hated the branch manager. what kind of branch manager doesn't know how to open the vault?! i hated the pay and how the tellers got treated like shit even though if it wasn't for US doing all of THEIR work and busting our asses to make referrals they wouldn't be getting their $3k quarterly bonuses while we got $30 if we were lucky.
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16 Apr 2009, 00:50
The Ryan
Post Count: 415
I'm a trainee-journalist!

I'm getting to do what I always wanted to do: make a career out of writing.
Barely anything comes close to the excitement of seeing your name in print.
The job has lots of perks: you get given lots of stuff for free, you get invited to really cool places, people kiss your ass because they think it might lead to you writing something nice abot them, you get to interview interesting people like celebrities.
If you freelance you can pretty much pick your hours!
No day is the same as the day before.
The excitement of being at the forefront of current affairs!
The ladies think it's pretty hot.

Because trainees are bottom of the pecking order, editors tend to treat us like shit!
Reporting. I hate it! I'm not a reporter, I'm a features writer/wannabe columnist! News reporting is not the life for me! I hate being out in the field, asking stupid questions and getting stupid answers. Especially when it comes to local news - I'm the most apathetic bastard you'll ever meet, I don't care if some old lady's pussy got stuck up a tree, or if a toddler has fallen down a drain, I want to be in the office writing dammit!
There's a recession right now, so there are like, NO journalism jobs. I'm having to intern and free-lance for nothing!
Some people are incredibly hostile to journalists.
It's a 24-hour a day job more-or-less, if something breaks near you, you can't use the excuse "Nah... didn't bother checking out that terrorist attack, it wasn't on my way home!" And once you're trained, you're constantly thinking "GOSH, IS THIS A STORY? YES! THIS IS DEFINITELY A STORY! WHAT ANGLE CAN I PUT ON THIS!?" all the time, no matter what the subject! It can be quite exhausting.
The pay. Trainees are seen as apprenticies and paid next-to-nothing, and that's if they are lucky enough to be getting paid!

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18 Apr 2009, 16:38
Acid Fairy
Post Count: 1849
'I don't care if some old lady's pussy got stuck up a tree'

OH the images! ;D
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19 Apr 2009, 00:48
Post Count: 2651
First fannys falling out on rollercoasters, now pussies getting stuck up trees... you DO do some interesting jobs!
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16 Apr 2009, 01:19
Oprah Noodlemantra
Post Count: 300
I've been at Applebee's for about ten months, and I'm a hostess. My favorite thing is probably my coworkers. Most of them are pretty cool, and I hang out with them outside of work. Least favorite thing is the customers. A lot of them are assholes who pitch a fit if they're not seated right away.
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16 Apr 2009, 02:04
Jenna bean....
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I currently am a Temp working at Comcast Cable. I work in the dispatch dept. I was hired on to do precalls(call ppl the day before their appt and remind them) and take calls from cust service reps when they are looking for an ETA on a tech who might be late. But 2 days a week I also dispatch for some surrounding cities when their dispatcher is off. I am hoping to get hired on Perm sometime this summer. My bosses and I have been talking about it. but its the big dawgs that we have to get to the point of hiring people. Hopefully soon.

Pros: I love working with the techs and helping them with problems they are having with equipment and stuff.

Cons: When I have 30 techs, all of their jobs and text messages to worry about, its ALOT! and veryyyyyy over whelming. but luckily that is only on Weds. lol our "double tech day" as our techs either work Sun- Wed or Wed - Sat.

Before this job, I worked at Home Depot for 2 years as a returns cashier. :-D I left because I was not allowed to tell people no anymore..... even if it wasnt our product. lol
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16 Apr 2009, 11:05
*just me*
Post Count: 30
I'm Cabin Crew for an airline in the UK and I've been there for nearly 5 years, although I've worked under 3 different company names in that time! Pros are having a brilliant office window, and that every day is different and we work with so many different people, most of whom I get on with - we mostly have a lot of fun, and if it's quiet we get to sit around reading magazines and looking out the window! Cons are passengers - they are SO rude to us, for example when they're boarding and we say "hello" and look at their boarding card, and they wont even look at us, let alone say hello back, or if we're delayed it's ALWAYS our fault, even if it's something like the weather that's beyond our control, or a broken aircraft - that they'd rather fly on dangerously than wait a while and fly on one thats fixed and be safe, but it's still OUR fault that it's broken. And the company is so political and it feels like we are always fighting with the company, and we do some very long days, and if we get sent away on our own it's a very long few days stuck in a hotel.
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16 Apr 2009, 12:54
kid at heart.
Post Count: 108
I work for a courier company. I deal with all of the packages/mail that doesn't get delivered. I sort through it all and put it away on shelves, according to day. I also make phone calls to tell people to come pick up their stuff (we hold it for 5 days and then it gets sent back to the shipper). I also deal with customer requests for redeliveries and redirects. I help at the counter, too, when people come in to pick up their stuff and I help them ship things out locally and internationally.

The best part are the hours and the pay. I'm only part-time (I'm a student), but I get paid enough that it's not too bad that I don't work much. I also like my coworkers. I'm the youngest there (I'm 22), but I get along well with everyone.

The worst parts are dealing with customers who think that it's my fault that they weren't home when their stuff was delivered. Or, when the dock boys don't bring something down to us and I have to search the entire (huge) warehouse for it. Also, there is a lot of little details to remember. Everything has to be scanned with certain codes. And, there are certain shippers that have special requests that we have to follow (Dell, birth certificates, etc), and if we forget, we get in trouble.
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16 Apr 2009, 15:04
i blame mac
Post Count: 136
No job for me. I'm in school, although, I'm doing my co-op at a high school helping teach the grade nines. The best part of that is that I get to spend time with the kids and help influence them in a (hopefully) positive way.
The worst part is that I get more homework than they do!
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18 Apr 2009, 16:29
Post Count: 74
I work as a dispatcher for an alarm company. We monitored roughly 100,000 homes and business. It's like ADT or BRINKS that you see on tv.
I love my job. I hate my boss'.
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18 Apr 2009, 23:49
Post Count: 83
I work at a community center for kids and adults with developmental disabilities. I do some after school programs for kids, coach some sports/activities for the adults. It's really a lot of fun. I've been there for almost two years now.

The only things I don't like is that I can't get very many hours, there's been some drama among my coworkers lately, and my boss is really unorganized sometimes.
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19 Apr 2009, 04:33
Catch May If You Can
Post Count: 157
My job is assistant teacher at Tutor Time child care

My favorite part about the job is the satisfaction of making a little child smile, especially if they have to be there all day and of course hearing the words "i love you miss meggie!"

the worst part are the discipline problem kids. the ones who bite, hit, push, curse and just make the day harder for me. Also parents who treat me like im trash make everything difficult for me as well...oh, and the poor managing done in my building....
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19 Apr 2009, 05:21
i`m his lil bearrr.
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I am a clerical assistant for the Facilities Management department of a town about two cities away from me. Basically, I take care of rentals of town-owned facilities for parties, meetings, weddings and events, as well as picnics and sports rentals. I work part-time and I started in September 2008.

I love my hours, I worked retail for years, so having a job that is closed on weekends is the most amazing thing in the world to me. The work is also right up my alley with forms and things like that to fill out.

My least favorite part? People who always come in to ask to use the restroom. I work in a community center at a park, and the community center is closed for the most part and there are bathrooms outside, but people are blind and will spend ten minutes yanking on a locked door instead of walking around the building and actually seeing the bathrooms. Oh, and there's a high school next door so it's impossible to get anywhere between 2:45 and 4pm. It's such a pain.
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