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Laundry = Too much
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15 Apr 2009, 12:17
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16 Apr 2009, 14:09
Meghans Follie
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shush about having small boobie... or I will cut half of mine off and force you to attach them to yours.

Gawd what I would do to have smaller ones
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16 Apr 2009, 14:38
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No - because like everyone else that has very few has said - it's a bit compulsive to wear them like underwear. Unless you're sweating like a pig in your pits and it's like running down to your bra - they're not dirty. Especially if you don't sleep in them, or take them off when you get home from work, etc.

Unfortunately, I'm currently wearing a 40F, because of this pregnancy. There is no way I'm going to buy 5+ 40F bras.
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14 Apr 2009, 13:52
Madeline Rain
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I don't know how many clothes I have, but I don't think I have a lot, since I have to share a tiny closet with my husband. We usually do three loads of laundry every two weeks (at least that's what we used to do back when we did our laundry) but that doesn't include the dry cleaning, which is basically everything I wear to work every day.

Also, I don't know how people can live with only two bras. Don't they wear out almost immediately? I think I probably have at least 50 sets of matching bra/underwear, since I always wear a set.
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14 Apr 2009, 17:41
Kelsey Lynn xox
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oo-er, now you've got me interested in how many clothes i have. i'll have to count next time i'm downstairs. i probably have close to 100 shirts, because i have a ton of sport shirts from all the sports/teams i've played/been apart of. i'll have to seperate my shirts into categories. x]
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14 Apr 2009, 20:15
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I know I don't buy many bras because I have VERY small boobs. I'm a 36 A, so my bras dont really get "wear and tear" on them ha ha.

Feel free to donate boobage to me. ;D
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15 Apr 2009, 00:42
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These are all approximates. I did go in and count, but added a few for those in the dirty clothes and in various others places :P.
50 tank tops/spaghetti straps/cami's
15 hoodies
5 sweaters (like, nice, wear to work sweaters)
120 shirts (winter and summer clothes)
12 dresses
6 bras
32 panties
46 socks
12 casual bottoms (skirts, shorts, jeans)
6 work bottoms (khaki/black/navy dress slacks)

I do two white and two color loads a week, one towel load a week, one delicates load a week, and one jeans load a week.
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15 Apr 2009, 00:44
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^ Oh, should I clarify my laundry doing consists of my and my husbands clothes :P.
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15 Apr 2009, 02:50
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I don't have alot of clothes, but what i do have is pretty good. I have about 45 or 50 tops/camis/tank tops/t-shirts that i still wear. I have 4 bras (it's still cold here, in the winter i rarely change bras because i never sweat! i only feel the need to change my bra in the summer, and that's when i wash them every load) about 5 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of capris, 1 pair of shorts, and a handful of underwear (i ALWAYS have to keep buying undies!! they always get lost somehow :|)

I do laundry once a week. I don't always wash everything, because i like doing just one load at a time. (my washing machine is pretty big anyways) being the youngest in a family that has 2 children already in college, i never have extra money. when i do have money for clothes, i NEVER buy anything that's not on sale. i always try to get as many things as i can.
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15 Apr 2009, 07:01
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I change my bra like everyday!

I have alot of t-shirts at home. It's like 2 huge piles. But mostly are clothes I wear at home. My "going out" clothes are getting lesser because my sister's clothes dye always run and mine get stained. :( I have only 2 pairs of jeans. I don't wear jeans normally because Singapore's weather is VERY warm. I have 3 pairs of berms, 3 or 4 pairs of shorts that I wear when I'm going out. I wear PE shorts when I'm at home and those shorts are with me since I was 12!

I'm not sure about the laundry stuffs because my mum was the one washing our clothes. We only need to wash our undies and bras. She take cares of the rest. But I'm thinking that she does the laundry once a week. I'm such a lucky bastard. =/
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15 Apr 2009, 07:26
.Blue Bella.
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Gosh... some people have way too many clothes.

I have:
2 pairs of jeans
3 pairs of work pants
4 pairs of tracksuit pants (3 of which I bought for my pregnancy!)
3 pairs of shorts
6 bras
14 pairs of underwear
3 pairs of pj's
approx 15 tank tops
approx 15 misc tops that I can wear for work
3 jumpers
2 cardigans
1 jacket
lots of socks....

I wash for my partner and I... each week I do: 1 x load of towels, 1 x load of sheets/bedding, 1 x load of his work clothes (they don't get washed with anything else coz they're usually filthy), 1 x load of all other clothes. I do a white wash about once a month, coz we don't wear a lot of white (we have dark coloured cats so don't own a lot of white!) And in about 8-10 weeks add an extra load of baby clothes to that. Once every three weeks I also wash all of the cats bedding.
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15 Apr 2009, 13:42
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
Wow I'm jealous of all you gals with a zillion pairs of everything ;)!

I have probably 3 or 4 bras but only one is in half way decent condition, so that is my main bra unless its in the wash. Sometimes I just wash it by hand and hang it over the tub, for the sake of peserving it and also so I don't have to wear an uncomfortable one. I think I have 3 pairs of jeans that I alternate between (I don't wash my jeans after every time I wear them, I don't find that necessary), a couple pairs of work pants and about 4 or 5 pairs of PJs. I have no idea how many shirts/underwear/socks...enough to get me through for a a couple weeks. I'll wear a bra or jeans for days at a time, but every thing else is a one time deal then it needs to be washed.

I probably do laundry every week and a half or so, but I wash my guys clothes as well. I'd be happy to take donations from those who have way too many clothes:-p. Boo for being a poor college student.
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15 Apr 2009, 16:23
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I'm so glad my "boobs" dont sweat and get all gross...My white bras stay white without having to bleach them.
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15 Apr 2009, 20:14
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I couldn't count all the clothes I have. I gave away ton after having a baby, but I still have tons. If I had to give it a guess, I would say around 100 shirts, 30 blue jeans, 20 skirts/shorts, 12 dresses, 30 shoes, 60 pairs of panties, 20 bras. I am not exaggerating either. Everytime I get extra money that's what I buy. But what is worse, is my 23 month old daughter probably has me beat with everything. I am about to sell a bunch of our stuff though. My husband gets tired of walking into our closet and seeing me taking up my side plus 3/4 of his side too.

Laundry is my biggest house chore, I have to do about 2-3 loads a day!! Counting my husbands bc he comes in filthy from work.
I could probably start my own clothing store. haha
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15 Apr 2009, 20:15
Post Count: 751
Oh pj pants= 12
I just counted them. =)
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16 Apr 2009, 14:11
Meghans Follie
Post Count: 433
I stopped counting how many loads a week I do. I have a pre-teen daughter and a very active 7 yr old daughter who thinks mud is a girls best friend - need I say more on that?
Although hubby and I were just talking and between thursday of last week and tuesday we had done roughy 11 loads of laundry. But to be fair, we had company and I insist that towels get washed after each use.
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16 Apr 2009, 15:15
i blame mac
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You ladies have waaaaay too many clothes. lol
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16 Apr 2009, 17:09
Kinsley's Mom
Post Count: 4
I'm so behind on laundry! Last week i was out of town for Easter & i just have totally messed myself up having missed that laundry/cleaning day! :-/ So i have a huge mountain of laundry calling my name this week. Boo. Prob will wait til friday late night or sunday because saturday is suppose to be GORGEOUS out! And i know i have alot of clothes, and i'm going to Kohl's after work today to get some cute summer tops. I've lost 13 lbs so i want some new shirts that are tight fitting :-)
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17 Apr 2009, 01:03
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I haven't counted and i will try but I have a lot considering that I have lost all my clothing twice due to homelessness if not more. I don't do laundry I actually have a laundry pick up service that comes every two weeks and it turns out to be an average of 50 lbs of laundry every two weeks but i have to change my jammies every day and my bra and underwear twice a day plus gym clothes plus my office outfit and field outfit a day and then theres my meeting clothes so there are times that i wear 3 outfits a day plus my jammies

I will count tonight cause now i'm curious
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17 Apr 2009, 04:33
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Wow, the things I learn on bloop! I' never asked anyone how often they wash/wear bras compared to myself, lol. I have a bunch (way more than 5) and I have worn one only a couple times before throwing it in the laundry before . I never really considered having only a couple, I just put it in with the rest of my clothes as a habit.
That being said though, I often wear one a few times, before washing it as well. :-P More often than not I wear a good/favorite one a few times....but I thought that was weird. I didn't know wearing it only a couple times was the weird thing :-P
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