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Omegle - Gotta take a look!
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7 Apr 2009, 12:24
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HAHA! this will amuse some people more than others but check out what i've found!
I was watching this morning, this morning and there was a guy who travelled from the UK to New Zealand simply by arranging transport and accomodation over twitter. Anyway Philip Schofield mentioned his Twitter name and i went and had a nosy! Well he mentioned this website where basically you get connected to a random stranger and you can chat. Well because its anonymous you get a certain cocktail of the weird and the wonderful!
One of more first conversations:

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
Stranger: hi
You: how are you today?
Stranger: fine
Stranger: bye bye wierdo
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

So yeah, you get the option to disconnect at anytime and i felt pretty bemused by this abrupt disconnection! They're quite funny! The original Twitter guy posted one of his conversations:

You: Hi!
Stranger: hi
You: Have you seen my car keys? I put them down somewhere but canít remember where.
Stranger: look in the fridge.
You: The fridge, eh? Will do. Hang on.
Stranger: alright.
You: Nope, not there. Have you got them? Eh?
Stranger: yeah, sorry.
You: Well thatís no good. How the fuck am I going to drive my car to work now?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Go take a look and post your conversations. :)
Katherine x

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8 Apr 2009, 00:20
i blame mac
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8 Apr 2009, 01:13
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You: hi!
Stranger: What up, chicana?
You: have you seen my car keys?
Stranger: You left them in my bathtub.
You: ew
Stranger: Oddly enough, they match my car.
Stranger: So I will be using your keys.
You: dammit
Stranger: Complete with the "Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly." keychain.
Stranger: Douche.
You: nope
Stranger: None? Dang.
Stranger: Life's useless without douche.
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8 Apr 2009, 01:37
Ice Vampire
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OMG i want this website! ;D
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8 Apr 2009, 10:29
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sorry forgot to post a link! lol

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8 Apr 2009, 03:57
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i love creeping people out on this website. i found it a week or two ago.

i usually talk about prolapses and corn. :[
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8 Apr 2009, 05:38
& skull.
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oh god prolapses. -shudder-
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8 Apr 2009, 13:57
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8 Apr 2009, 13:58
& skull.
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i panic about those things. lol.
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8 Apr 2009, 14:09
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hearing that statement..i totally know what you do in the night [or day] ;]

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8 Apr 2009, 14:14
& skull.
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oh dear, what? ;D

seriously i used to freak about about it when i was little. then i read guts and the fear just came back!
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8 Apr 2009, 19:41
Greta Garbage
Bloop Community Organizer
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hahaha I am "you"

Stranger: ☻/
/ \
Stranger: Oh shit.
You: uhm hi
You: do you enjoy beheading people in chatrooms?
Stranger: Lol.
Stranger: No not really
You: if so, I really love you and want to have your babies
You: lol
Stranger: Haha.
You: srsly
You: I do
Stranger: But i dont want to have babies!
You: dont worry! I'll have them all you have to do is watch
Stranger: Oh alright.
Stranger: great!
You: I knew you'd jump on board!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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8 Apr 2009, 22:04
Love Bipolar Inc
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Stranger: Hi
You: Hello...
Stranger: How r u?
You: Is your refrigerator running?
Stranger: yeah
You: then you better go catch it!
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8 Apr 2009, 22:16
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You: bonjour
Stranger: hola
Stranger: ASL?
You: je parle francais
You: beaucoup
You: toute le temps
Stranger: soy de cuba
You: donde estas mes pantalones picantes?
Stranger: no se......
You: arrette!
Stranger: guay!
You: c'est n'est pas correct!
Stranger: donde vive en tu casa
Stranger: o
Stranger: apremneto
Stranger: ?
Stranger: si
Stranger: no
Stranger: ?
You: ou?
You: non?
You: oui!
Stranger: VEY!
You: oy vey?
Stranger: Specen de douse
You: chag sameach!
Stranger: nein
You: lo
Stranger: zublargan
You: nyet
Stranger: ya 1337
You: nox0rz
Stranger: enligsh?
You: english!
Stranger: you speak the language
You: yes
Stranger: veyr nice!
You: hahahaha
You: the language of who?
Stranger: borat
Stranger: i see you is a retards
Stranger: no
Stranger: im retired
Stranger: youa retards?
Stranger: he a retards?
You: you're dumb
You have disconnected.
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