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computer stuff
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4 Apr 2009, 13:12
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some of you know what happened, some of you don't, basically one of my friends on bloop took entries and messaged them to someone i know in real life, and has messed some things up pretty bad... I have a suspicion as to who it is, now what can I do? How do I find IP addresses of this person, and is there any way to find an IP address of a myspace? (they used a fake myspace to message her the entries)
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5 Apr 2009, 03:10
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1. You talk to Steve for Bloop IPs.

2. You don't find Myspace IPs.
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5 Apr 2009, 07:48
.Blue Bella.
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It's a shit situation but it would be hard to match the two together. If you suspect someone, best thing would maybe be to block?
And here's hoping the fuckwit who did it gets hit by a truck.
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