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Now Open - Bloop Advice
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1 Apr 2009, 15:38
Bloop Advice
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Here is how the diary works:

1. Send an inquiry for advice via Bloop message or in an anonymous private comment on this entry.

2. Your inquiry will be posted anonymously in an entry where other members can leave comments with their advice.

3. Take or leave the advice you are given.

Feel free to check it out, or send in an inquiry!
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3 Apr 2009, 03:59
Bloop Advice
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3 Apr 2009, 04:13
Beautiful Lies
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I'm not trying to state the obvious or anything but isn't this what individual diaries are for? At least with your own diary you can keep the drama to a minimum with FO.

Okay I guess I did mean to state the obvious.
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3 Apr 2009, 07:29
Bloop Advice
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Sometimes you can't write in your diary because you feel judged by the people that read you, or you just want advice from people who don't know anything else about you.
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3 Apr 2009, 04:38
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I'll pass. I'd rather ask advice from someone I know either offline or in my own diary, rather than a stranger.

Good luck to you though! Hope that diary works out for you. :)
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3 Apr 2009, 07:50
& skull.
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how well did bloop advice used to do? i never really read it.

i'd rather my friends give me advice if i need it than randoms. you can't give as much detail if you don't know the person i think. but it might be for some people.
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