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Any ideas?
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28 Mar 2009, 20:38
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Ok, so I just started working at day care a couple weeks ago. I take care of mainly the 2 year olds. It's not so bad until we can't take them outside and have to entertain them and keep them from killing each other inside. Any ideas of activities (something easy to do and preferably easy for me to clean up) I could have them do? If I let them just play, they are climbing all over stuff, biting each other, throwing toys, just driving me crazy.
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29 Mar 2009, 01:46
Acid Fairy
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I work in a nursery. Ours doesn't have a structured day (apart from snack times and nap times); the kids can pretty much do whatever which is nice instead of making them get into a routine they won't experience at home.
But of course follow whatever is your nursery's procedure... it's different everywhere.

Kids that age really love creative activities. Play dough is always good, as is painting. How about marble painting to spice things up? Free painting is good but sometimes it's nice to see if they can paint what you tell them to. For example at ours we are doing spring at the moment, so they have been painting spring pictures. However I mainly work with the pre-schoolers so I don't know how well that would go over with 2 year olds!

I find that the younger ones love stories too. They can't get enough of being read to.
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28 Mar 2009, 21:10
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play dough.. recipes on google really easy
story time
singing songs with actions
painting, crayons.. get them to 'draw' with crayons and paint over the top so the crayons repel the paint,

i'm suprised they don't have some kind of structured day already?
my sister works with the same age and they have a day with time for greeting, storytime, art time, outside time.
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29 Mar 2009, 22:22
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Yea, by the time I get there, lunch is done and it's nap time. After that, they play outside for an hour or so if it's nice. We go inside, change diapers, I clean up and go home. But on rainy days I'm trying to keep my sanity and keep them entertained for an hour or so. Seeing as I just started not too long ago, I haven't figured out how to get them to listen to me really. But thank you for the help. Really appreciate it. :)
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29 Mar 2009, 23:54
.Blue Bella.
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Is it just you in there? How many kids?
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30 Mar 2009, 13:38
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Pretty much just me. There's someone in the next room with the early 3's. But she has the door closed all the time now since my background check came back clean. But she's no help whatsoever. I normally have between 7 and 9 kids.
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29 Mar 2009, 01:14
.Blue Bella.
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They don't need too much to stimulate them.... but there definitely sounds as though there is no structure at all.
When I worked in childcare, with that age group, we had 4 tables, and 2 mats.
At each table there was an activity - building blocks, drawing or painting, playdoh with (something - ie toy cars), puzzles.
On the mats there was an activity - dress ups on one, reading books on another (usually things where they can spread out).

This is where its your job as the responsible person to start structuring these kids to play and focus on one thing for a while. let them choose one by one a table or mat they want to play at. Then after an amount of time allow them to swap or move to another table/activity. It is the best way to get them started in preparing for a more structired routine as when they move up levels, they are expected to sit at one activity for much longer periods of time.

If they are acting the way they are, you need to stop the activities. Take them away from them, sit them on a mat and calm them down. Tell them when they're quiet they can play again... regroup them, refocus them.
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