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How many virgins have you slept with?
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27 Mar 2009, 02:08
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I would have sex with a non-virgin but I am more attracted to virgins for that reason. yes I know I am weird. I just feel sex should be between two people that are in love. yes its cliche (sp). but that is how I feel. I am not religious by any means.
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26 Mar 2009, 20:19
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Virginity is not an std barrier!
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25 Mar 2009, 20:37
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1 ~ we were both virgins. xD
Worst. Sex. Ever. hahaha.
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26 Mar 2009, 05:49
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26 Mar 2009, 04:36
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1. My current boyfriend was a virgin when we got together. And honestly...even though it was his first time....he was GOOD. And like someone do lie about being virgins. They'd rather say they aren't than they are. He did for awhile, then came clean, thinking i wouldn't like him as much or something if I knew he was a virgin still. Psh. How silly of him lol.
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26 Mar 2009, 05:42
.Blue Bella.
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1 was great...
1 was not fantastic, but wasn't crap either!
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26 Mar 2009, 05:52
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0 :(
I would totally love to corrupt a virgin! haha
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26 Mar 2009, 11:35
.Blue Bella.
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You're missing out! :P
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26 Mar 2009, 09:55
The Ryan
Post Count: 415
Just the three, yo! Am always on the look out for more though!!
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26 Mar 2009, 12:57
Let It Be
Post Count: 226
4, aka everyone I've slept with. I think that's the most a girl has said in this thread lol. It was just a coincidence though, more 16/17 year old guys are virgins than you'd think I guess.
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26 Mar 2009, 20:22
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Just one.
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27 Mar 2009, 02:09
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I lost my virginity to a virgin, and as far as I know he was the only one.
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27 Mar 2009, 21:12
. Spoon .
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I have only slept with ONE virgin! anddddddddd I am with him currently he is my new boyfriend! :)
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28 Mar 2009, 16:00
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None 'cos he has a child!
He is the only one I've ever slept with too.
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