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Dog help
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17 Mar 2009, 04:39
Tam I Am
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I have a question for those of you who have unspayed female dogs. My little chihuahua is in heat for the first time. I know that I need to keep an eye on her when I put her outside and only keep her out for a few minutes at a time.

My question is... has anyone experienced their dog not wanting them to rub her stomach when she's in heat? Before, she'd let me rub her belly all I wanted and now when I touch it, she whines and freaks out.

Is there a minute chance she could be pregnant?
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17 Mar 2009, 04:44
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I've never had a female I may not be of much help. But maybe her belly is sensitive to touch?
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17 Mar 2009, 04:46
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I just realized what I said was stupidly obvious. I mean like, when human females are on their periods and whatnot, their abdomens can be sensitive to touch so maybe she's having a version of that. But yeah, I've never had a female dog, so I apologize if this is absolutely no help.
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17 Mar 2009, 04:49
.Blue Bella.
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I'm sure she's just tender.

We never had any probs rubbing mums dogs belly when she was pregnant.
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17 Mar 2009, 15:27
~*Queen Bee*~
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it's probablly just tender. my dog mopes around when she's in heat lol. did you know that you can get doggie diapers to put on her when she's in heat so she doesn't bleed all over?
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