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How Green Are You?
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15 Mar 2009, 08:48
Super Logica
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hahahaha. That is a brilliant answer! Speaking of heated driveways, are they actually quite common in the U.S? My friend who lives in D.C has a neighbour who got one, but they are like ridiculously rich. Do normal people get them too? We definitely don't get enough snow in England to warrant heated driveways!
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15 Mar 2009, 17:26
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As far as I know, the only place that has heated streets in New York.
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15 Mar 2009, 19:40
Super Logica
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The whole city? That's so cool!
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16 Mar 2009, 18:08
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i want heated sidewalks, so i don't have to shovel the damn things. :-/
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17 Mar 2009, 00:24
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I've never heard of a heated driveway/streets!? Then again, I do live in Florida. BUT! I just asked my boyfriend if people have heated driveways and he seemed shocked and he's lived in cold parts of the US! I'm amazed lol. Simple things for simple minds :P
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