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We'll miss you Flipp!
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14 Mar 2009, 09:50
& skull.
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no, i didn't get a chance to. dad "took care of him". wheh we took him to the vet last year, he seemed to think finn either had just developed a bit wrong and would be a poorly bunny anyway, or that he'd had a stroke and it might affect him later.
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15 Mar 2009, 02:27
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Poor little man. My cat always loveloveloved to chew on plants and eat boiled chicken, so I say he's in a place where he can chew plants and eat boiled chicken all the time ;). Finn is in a place surrounded by his favorite foods as well ;).
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15 Mar 2009, 03:09
& skull.
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lol, god finn was such a pig. you'd swear he was actually a piglet dressed as a bunny.
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15 Mar 2009, 04:03
Belladonna Poison
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:( ev i didn't know your bunneh passed away. (hugs) Finn is so adorable. i bet he's making out to be quite the charmer with the other bunnies :D hehe

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14 Mar 2009, 03:10
puffer kitteh
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rest in peace little bunny i hope there's lots of carrots where you are :).
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14 Mar 2009, 10:42
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:( thats very sad. rest in peace Finn xx
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