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Baby must haves?
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23 Feb 2009, 23:04
- cynthia -
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i agree! the peepee teepees are a waste of money. seriously, if you cant change a diaper without having one, wow! lol. yeah, you'll probably get wet once or twice but you'll learn FAST what works best for baby.

the boppy, a life saver! :)
diaper genie, waste of money. hated it.
hooded towels/robes...cute but are a pain. never used them. i DID use the baby wash cloths, they are softer than regular ones.
i LOVED LOVED LOVED the bumbo seat, its kinda spendy but at 3 months baby can sit up and see whats going on.
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22 Feb 2009, 21:54
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This is the BEST thing to have! My daughter LOVED IT!
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22 Feb 2009, 22:37
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Anything that you can put your baby in and vibrates or swings... Helps when you really need to do something, or just need a lil break from all the screaming lol.
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23 Feb 2009, 01:05
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I would have to say onesies and a bobby pillow for easy breastfeeding...or if your bottle feeding then thats great too...
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23 Feb 2009, 01:43
Mami 2 ♥ 1
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i loved my boppy i bought the cheap walmart brand next time i plan on getting a real boppy cuz by the time my son was 5 months old the generic one was flattened out. but yeah moises loved it and i loved it. :) Moises used to lay in it and watch baby einstein or disney channel.
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23 Feb 2009, 01:46
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Yeah I got the real one...its really pink but it has a cover with animals on it. I LOVED IT! lol. I used it to help out with TUMMY TIME, Sleeping(when he got fussy and wanted me to hold him, he thought I still was),and playing with mama and They're AWESOME!
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23 Feb 2009, 01:14
Mami 2 ♥ 1
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I just found out about baby legs. when my son started crawling he was usually always in a onesie or shorts so his knees would be raw. now baby legs are like leg warmers. for ur baby so u dont have to fuss with pants trying to change their diapers or anything. i donno how popular they are but i think it is a pretty neat idea.
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23 Feb 2009, 21:24
Mami 2 ♥ 1
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i thought of something else....if u formula feed u will want a formula dispenser. i exclusively breastfed for the first 5 months and when i stopped i was always carrying those huge formula cans around. then i was at a friends house about a month later and her and her sis had formula dispensers. I actually bought 2 for a friend of mine whose baby shower is coming up bcuz i like to use the formula dispenser at home and on the go.
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24 Feb 2009, 16:13
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When I had my son I was young (19) so I didn't know too much on what to get a baby. Thank goodness for my parents! I would have to say a swing and exersaucer is great. Also a bouncy chair. The wipes warmer is nice at night because the cold wipe doesn't startle the baby. Ummm..... my son loved his blankets. In fact he still carries a thermal one around and calls it his "night-night". He's 6 lol. He uses it now only at night. :P

Good luck to you! I am TTC#2. :)
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24 Feb 2009, 16:18
brooke !
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warm clothes and blankets are definitely a plus! we didn't use a diaper genie, we've just always designated one trashcan in the house for dirty diapers. my son LOVES his swing, he will fall asleep in that, and his carseat. lol you can't forget the carseat.
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24 Feb 2009, 20:09
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I would have to say a bassinet, lots of burp clothes, and a bouncer. Those are all musts for me.
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