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Who Steals From Little Girl Scouts!?! How Sad.
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21 Feb 2009, 01:47
Aloha♥Nui Loa
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Girl Scouts robbed as they sell cookies outside store
Reported by: Aubrey Mika Chancellor
Last Update: 5:29 pm

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Thief steals hundreds of dollars from Girl Scouts selling cookies

(News 4 WOAI)
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Follow Up: Cookie money theft suspect at large
SAN ANTONIO - Two little girls and their troop leader were robbed outside a North Side store Wednesday night. The Brownie troop leader became emotional as she told News 4 WOAI how she witnessed the thief steal from the two 3rd graders.

"They didn't take it from me. They took it from my girls," the troop leader said.

The 9-year-olds had set up and sold their cookies at the Walgreens in the Medical Center several times before, and everything had been fine. But Wednesday night, a man stole all of their hard-earned money.

"We were finishing up our shift and we were packing up our cookies," explained the girls' troop leader.

That troop leader, who doesn't want to be identified, said a man then walked up to their table.

"I didn't even think he was looking at the money," said told News 4 WOAI. "I thought he was leaning over to look in the box, like 'What do you have in there?'"

She said then all of a sudden, the man snatched their bag of money and ran off. He got away with about $250. The troop leader chased him, but he got into a car with a woman and drove off.

"The one thing that I was screaming was to call the police, and I just kept yelling out the license plate number," the troop leader recalled.

News 4 WOAI tracked that license plate number to a home on the West Side. Our crew knocked on the door, but no one answered.

"I try to teach the girls that nothing's given, you have to earn it, said the troop leader. "And they earned that money."

The little girls had to learn a very grownup lesson, but intend to continue selling cookies to try to earn more money.

"Both little girls are scared," explained the troop leader. "And they've learned, firsthand, there are bad people out there."

News 4 WOAI learned the man accused of taking the money was inside the Walgreens store prior to the theft. Police are now reviewing surveillance video from inside the store.

Thats horrible! I know times are rough for everyone right now, but come on! Those poor little girls.
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21 Feb 2009, 02:03
lady bri.
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OMG!!! I can't believe that!!
How can people be so cold-hearted? They're just little girls!!

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23 Feb 2009, 03:47
Post Count: 1938
Does it make me a terrible person that I lol'd a LITTLE bit at this?
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21 Feb 2009, 02:12
LADY, Iniibig Ko
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OMG!!! Tomorrow I do cookie booth duty. Wish I had rtead this tomorrow night.
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21 Feb 2009, 19:56
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its so sad those poor little girls had to witness that. ugh, girl scouts for crying out loud :[ thats probably so heartbreaking for them!
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21 Feb 2009, 20:24
Toffee Sprinkles
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That's really sad. What a jerk!

Then again, why would they leave a bag of money out on the table? That should've been the first thing they put away.
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21 Feb 2009, 20:38
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Well, it technically doesn't say that they left the bag of money on the table. It could've been in one of their hands for all we know (based on details given, just saying "the man snatched their bag of money"), but either way it's unjustifiable. I wonder if the police ended up tracking him down.
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21 Feb 2009, 20:37
annababe • •
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this practically made me cry.
i hope that guy gets caught. that's absolutely horrible.
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21 Feb 2009, 20:52
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What a sad, sad, little man. I hope they catch this guy. I never let people get too close to "my area" of places. If they get too close behind the counter I tell them to back up.
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22 Feb 2009, 02:01
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those poor girls.
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22 Feb 2009, 02:07
Music God CJ Plain
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I hope one of the girls Dad's find this piece of human waste and deals out his OWN brand of justice. People like this need to just be wiped off the face of the freaking earth!
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