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Are you a parent of a pre-teen daughter?
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10 Dec 2008, 03:07
Meghans Follie
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If so - I really need your advice.

I noticed today (talk about a reality check) that my 11 yr old daughter, probably ought to start wearing a bra - at least with certain shirts.

Thing is - I don't know how to do this. My first bra - my dad had to buy me after a family friend pulled him aside and said "hey your kid needs a bra".

Do I buy one and tell her that she can wear it when she wants to, go get one with her, buy one and say wear it... I have no clue. But I know that I saw bras and breasts as a curse for a very long time thanks to the way I got my first bra. I don't want to have my daughter go through that.
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10 Dec 2008, 03:19
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I would explain to her that she is becomming a beautiful young lady and that as two ladies in this world you should go shopping to celebrate this. I say you both should buy a bra together and that way she will wear one because you are also doing the same thing.
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10 Dec 2008, 04:25
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I was excited when I first got mine at that age...just make it a positive thing! I would let her pick it out, and if she can attribute wearing it to feeling good about herself, she'll want to have them, and maybe it won't be a battle.
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10 Dec 2008, 14:08
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well i guess its time to start teachhing her that her tatas have to be hidden from now on lol there isnt ever a really easy way to go about it but i think to avoid her being embarassed because I was my first time. I cried and everything. Maybe you could measure her urself at home and then go buy her a bra something cute like a matching set that way it wont be so dreadful but buy it alone and let her get used to wearing it and then go from there and she might be more willing to go shopping on the next trip lol.
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10 Dec 2008, 14:57
lithium layouts.
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Hehe, when I first got mine I haaaated it. My mum bought me this frilly pink thing which I loathed. So if she's also afraid and embarassed (like I was xD), try starting her off on crop tops. It worked for me!

But yeah, I agree with the others, try and make it a happy occasion.
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10 Dec 2008, 15:50
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My daughter will be twelve next month. The poor thing had to start wearing a bra when she was nine.
I made it a special thing. I picked her up a bit early from school then just the two of us went to the store and picked out several bras she liked then she tried them on to see which ones fit the best. Her favorite was the sports bra. She said it felt funny at first, but I assured her it wouldn't for long.

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10 Dec 2008, 18:34
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I got mine at seven years old as a Christmas present. I DO NOT suggest going about it in that manner. EMBARASSING!! lol

I do like .Krisstah.'s idea though.
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10 Dec 2008, 21:15
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I'd make it a cute date for the two of you. A mother daughter day, go get bras together and explain to her what's going on with her body.
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13 Dec 2008, 04:50
Meghans Follie
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thank you to everyone who chimed in on this. I am happy to announce that after looking for one that had no ribbons, no bows, no lace, no color, no shiney stuff etc
we bought one and she has worn it without complaining
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10 Dec 2008, 03:29
~*Queen Bee*~
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My step daughter was excited when she started wearing bras.... even wanted to wear them before she needed them. I would take her with you and let her pick one out. These days they make much cuter ones for young girls than we had!! lol
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10 Dec 2008, 21:15
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I remember my first bra, I was so excited to get it. My boobs are still the exact same size.

I got jipped I tell ya!
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10 Dec 2008, 14:11
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alternatively if she doesn't like bras theres loads of pretty crop tops type things out there instead.
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10 Dec 2008, 18:51
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I don't remember being particularly bothered when I had to start wearing a bra. I think my mum just suggested buying one when we were shopping one day, and I said OK! I suggest going shopping together for a few, and making it fun.
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10 Dec 2008, 22:09
. Spoon .
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i would just tell her that she is growing up into a young woman and young women grow up and have to wear bras at certain times in their lifes and that she is at that time when she needs to start wearing one. suggest to her taht you can help her pick out one that she feels would be comfortable and or suggest maybe if she wants you to go with however but kinda stay away from her while she picks it out if she is uncomfortable.
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10 Dec 2008, 22:57
*amour de bebe*
Post Count: 235
I like .Krisstah.'s idea, also Amelie had a good point :)
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10 Dec 2008, 23:43
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Eek. I have no clue as to go about doing that, but I'd say it's good that you're doing it as soon as you realize she's starting to need one. I actually had to start wearing them in 5th grade, and I remember not having one on and wearing a white shirt and being made fun of by the other girls as needing to wear a bra. Talk about embarrassing!
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11 Dec 2008, 16:16
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I would just take her with you on a shopping trip and when you get to the bra and panties section, say something like, "oh, these would look good on you!" And, "I bet you would feel more comfortable with this, wouldn't you?".. haha

But, make sure you buy the matching panties.
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11 Dec 2008, 18:30
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I'd definitely say to get her a matching set with panties - that way it seems "cuter" to her.
Take her with you.
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12 Dec 2008, 03:05
lady burt
Post Count: 34
i remember going with my mom when i was that age. i know i was more interested in the training bra matching sets and stuff.
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12 Dec 2008, 21:46
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13 Dec 2008, 03:58
Ice Vampire
Post Count: 90
hang bras from her ceiling fan and say 'wear them or ill take pictures and show them to all your friends and embarrass you at school'. LOL jk. take her out shopping with you for them and get her ice cream after words. that would also be a good time to explain the whole PMS and birds and bees thing if that hasnt happened yet...
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13 Dec 2008, 04:17
Meghans Follie
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oh we've had that talk. Mainly because last winter, while driving through an ice storm out of the blue she says "mom do I have to use tampons? cause I really dont want to be shoving anything up my butt"

Needless to say its probably a good thing I am an excellent driver because between choking, laughing and trying to keep both a straight face and my truck straight I was struggling
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13 Dec 2008, 04:20
Ice Vampire
Post Count: 90
XD oh my word that has got to be the funniest thing i've heard all day!! XDDDD
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13 Dec 2008, 06:47
.Blue Bella.
Post Count: 743
I have tears in my eyes. That was brilliant!
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14 Dec 2008, 02:11
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