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Who's viewed this?
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16 Feb 2009, 13:12
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Why does it sometimes not show the person? They'll leave a comment, but their name isnt on my list.
It's not like it matters, I dont even mind. I barely filter through most the times but it makes me a little curious how they're so sneaky ^_^ like little ninjas.
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16 Feb 2009, 15:03
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might be a bug, i wanna know why the who's fav list am i on feature doesnt work. that was my favorite feature!! i miss it
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16 Feb 2009, 15:21
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Could they be using the 'Converse' feature, so replying to a comment you left them, without actually going to your entry?
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16 Feb 2009, 15:24
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AW, booooo. bugs are pesky little critters :[ i hope that feature starts working soon!

and thats completely possible >.> i feel kind of silly now. thank you! thats probably it. i mean it makes sense!
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19 Feb 2009, 16:39
Bloop Owner
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If they're not on who's viewed, then they're using converse for sure. :)
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