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More on the 13-year-old dad who looks 6
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14 Feb 2009, 18:31
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On a lighter note, The Sun has a reputation for being a complete work of fiction most of the time. I mean, most of their stories aren't even BASED on real facts.
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14 Feb 2009, 19:22
Acid Fairy
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Haha too true!
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15 Feb 2009, 16:47
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Oh wow. He looks about my sons age... which is 6! That's scary! It's also very strange because at that age I was still playing with dolls with my friends and playing at the park. :P I wasn't even thinking of sex.
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15 Feb 2009, 21:28
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My roommate mentioned this and made me look it up a few days ago. Not nearly as much detail though, and I went to the Sun's website. ;D What can I say, children are having children now. You can't always trust that the chick is slagging around and personally I'd rather not, although yeah, it may be the case. Horrible way to celebrate your first time having sex, though, eh? The boy looks so babyfaced that it is sad. It's good he's being so responsible though; working with what he's got. DNA test, plz.
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16 Feb 2009, 07:28
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I know if I was the mom of that kid, i'd most certainly get the DNA test.

If for nothing more than being on the safe side.
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17 Feb 2009, 13:55
Acid Fairy
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He's having a DNA test!
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