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Feature: Forum Subscriptions
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15 Oct 2020, 15:59
Bloop Core Developer
Post Count: 105

You can now subscribe to a forum area, as well as a thread.

On the left hand side of each forum section, there is a little comment type looking icon, clicking that will make them both filled in - this will mean that any new threads created within that will send you a message.

(and yes, this is me testing it, haha)
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16 Oct 2020, 00:01
Greta Garbage
Bloop Community Organizer
Post Count: 304
I literally just subscribed to 7 of them. Now is there a place to view them once they are updated? Or do we get some kind of alert or message?
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16 Oct 2020, 00:02
Bloop Core Developer
Post Count: 105
Currently, you get a message.

True notifications will be a thing soon ;)
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