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Theme 421 Option 2 Entry Submissions
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11 Oct 2020, 03:27
Theme Of The Week
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Attached Entry: Theme 421
theme 421 Option # 1

Submitted by LovingO&K LovingO&K.

You have the opportunity to gift someone, or something (a cause, organization, etc) a million dollars. Who/What would you give it to to and why?

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theme 421 Option # 2

Submitted by Ashalicious Ashalicious

List 15 cities around the world that you would like to visit.

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theme 421 Option # 3

Submitted by Theme of the WeekTheme of the Week

Write a letter to your childhood bully. Tell them how you feel and what kind of person you are today.

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16 Oct 2020, 01:13
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Attached Entry: TOTW 421 - Option 2

Even though I do have a little bit to write about, it's going to have to wait, as I want to complete this week's Theme of the Week



List 15 cities around the world that you would like to visit.





1. Copenhagen, Denmark

My dad's family originates from Denmark. My grandfather is actually first generation born here in Canada, his dad immigrated to Canada in 1883 with his family, and my grandfather was born in 1902. From everything that I've read about Denmark, it's such a beautiful country and has alot of interesting history, specially from the Second World War. 





2. Vancourver, British Columbia
Being a Canadian, I would love to see certain cities here in Canada, and Vancouver is on the top of my "Must see in Canada" bucket list. I have family that live out on the west coast and just the pictures they post, it's breathtaking beautiful. I would also want to tour the area where the Olympics were held back in 2010. 





3. Nashville, Tennessee
Hand down - I am a huge Country Music Fan, and Nashville is a must for me to visit. There is just so many places in Nashville that I want to see such as The grand ole opry, the blue bird cafe, the Ryman autitorium and Jimmy Buffets' Margaritta Ville on lower broadway. 





4. Glasgow, Scotland
I always had this dream while I was a teenager that I would get married in the hills of Scotland and my husband to be would be in a kilt and I would walk down the isle to bagpipes, so it's just fitting that Glasgow is on my list. Although getting married in Scotland is no longer a dream of mine, visiting the country is still on my list. 





5. New York, New York
Such a cliche to want to go to NYC, however I loved the lights of Vegas, so I can just imagine the hussle and bussle of NYC. Of course NYC isn't what it used to be right now because of COVID, but it's still a place I would want to visit once it's safe again. I would love to catch a broadway show, and visiting the 9/11 memorial site where the twin towers once stood is also on my list. 





6. Paris, France
French cuisine, and just the tourist attractions that are in Paris. 





7. London, England
I am a little obsessed with the Royal Family and all learning all about them and their ancestors, so a trip to London is on my bucket list. With Buckingham Palace being in London, I would love the opportunity to see the change of the guard. Also, just being able to go to England, I would have the opportunity to meet a couple of my fave bloopers who I still keep in contact with





8. Hawaii
I can't even name an exact place where I would want to go in Hawaii because the entire place is gorgeous and I wouldn't care, just being able to say I was able to visit Hawaii is a check of my bucket list. 





9. Dublin, Ireland
My blood line comes from Ireland. Although it goes back generations, Ireland is on my list to visit. 





10. Amsterdam
The old looking appeal of Amsterdam makes it on my list. That and the Anne Frank Museum is located there, and as I previously mentioned, I enjoy learning new things, specially about WWII.  





11. Halifax, Nova Scotia
Before I was born, my family often visited the East Coast of Canada as our family has alot of roots there. Nova Scotia is the province that my Maternal Grandfather's families immigated to from Ireland and Scotland. My uncle Bill lived there for years before moving back to Ontario, and my uncle Ken lived there as he was stationed in the Navy in Halifax, and he never left after he retired. Uncle Ken has passed on now, but his kids and their families still live in the Halifax area. 





12. Melbourne, Australia
Because who doesn't want to go down under......





13. Los Angeles, California
Hollywood blvd, the beaches in LA and all the stars. 





14. Montreal, Quebec
The province of Quebec isn't far from where I live. I have been the to actual province, but not to Montreal, and Montreal has so many historical things to do. 





15. Anywhere that includes all inclusive beaches
Okay, I cannot pin point an exact area, however I want to go somewhere warm at an all inclusive resort. Whether it's Cuba, or Jamaica, or Brazil - I just want to go somewhere that I can park my butt in the sand and get served drinks all day. 



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