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Theme 420 Option #2 Entries
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3 Oct 2020, 20:52
Theme Of The Week
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theme Submitted by Oprah Noodlemantra // Submit Theme Option # 1 Entries here: Theme of the Week Option 1 Entries

What is your biggest regret?

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What is your biggest pet peeve about yourself? Why?

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Post your favorite picture. Explain why it's your favorite and the circumstances surrounding that picture

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3 Oct 2020, 23:50
Greta Garbage
Bloop Community Organizer
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Attached Entry: 1,162 TOTW Option 2: Pet Peeve
TOTW Option # 2

What is your biggest pet peeve about yourself? Why?

My biggest pet peeve about myself is that I am way too nice and I have a strong urgency to be liked. Because I have this need for people to like me, I don't say no to things I should say no to. This happens mostly at work. I end up doing things that are NOT in my job description because I can't say no.

Like, for instance, I was getting 5 extra hours a week to do social media and that came to an end when the pandemic struck and we were sent home to work. But I'm still expected to do the work. I need those extra hours. I've lost $2,400 since March. I could have put that $ in our down payment pot. I think I'm talking to Erin on Monday about this. If we are about to come back full time then I should have my hours back.

I also have had issues with students because of how nice I am. The guys especially. They think I'm flirting or something. Then they find excuses to come talk to me and I have to find a nice way to tell them to bug off. A student tried to kiss me once!

A more recent situation is the one I wrote about in Friends Only with the kid. He contacted the school's Facebook looking for info about GED. We have the same sense of humor and I felt a connection with him. He's 19 years my junior and said he's homeless and asked if we were LGBTQ friendly. His mom threw him out at 17. We talked a lot over FB messenger. I made the mistake of friending him on my personal FB page and at first it was okay. He called me over Facebook and I was ok with that. But then he kept calling me.

Last Friday he kept me on the line for an hour, not even talking to me. He was on lunch break with his coworkers. I really didn't need to hear the conversation. I should have just hung up but I didn't. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE A NEED FOR PEOPLE TO LIKE ME! So I finally got off and Marcin and I went to eat something and went to Dicks Sporting Goods. While there, my phone rang and I usually don't answer calls I don't recognize. But I answered. It seemed to be a collect call and when they played the recording of the person saying their name, nothing was said. It gave me 2 options: press 1 to accept call or 2 to send to voicemail. I pressed 2 but then the person hung up.

A minute later the number popped back up. I picked up again. This time the person says "IT'S YOUR CHILD!" I pressed 2 again. I was livid. I never gave him my number. I knew it was him because he started calling me mother as a joke and I thought it was funny at first. He went online and got my phone number and I feel violated. I've been ignoring him ever since.

The other day he called on Facebook and I actually didn't know because I haven't had my ringer on since that night at Dick's. Then he texted to call him I said I couldn't talk right now. The next day he asked again for me to call and I acted like I didn't see it. I finally unfriended him today. He hasn't contacted me in 2 days and I wonder if his teacher talked to him because I told his teacher what he did.

So yeah, I'm too nice and I need to work on that.

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