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11 Feb 2009, 05:44
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I have a knot that came up just below my skin, around where my ovaries are. And it hurts. Feels bruised and it's real tender.

Has anyone ever had this problem and should I get it looked at?
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11 Feb 2009, 06:02
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If it's just below your skin, chances are it's just a harmless cyst. I can't remember EXACTLY what they're called, but I get them all the time...they're generally harmless and have nothing to do with your ovaries. However, if it's deeper than that, I'd suggest getting it checked out just in case. You JUST had a baby, so it's probably just your hormones doing funny things to your body, but it's always OKAY to talk to your doctor just to ease your concerns.
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11 Feb 2009, 06:22
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Chances are it's an ovarian cyst and they are usually harmless. However, I would still go to the dr just to be sure.
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11 Feb 2009, 13:01
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I haven't had that problem - as other people have mentioned, ovarian cysts generally occur on the surface of the ovary, which is deep in the body and not close to the surface (i.e. the skin).

But get it looked at anyway, definitely. Have you bumped or knocked the area recently? Could just be that you bruised a vein. Directly bumping a vein tends to cause a bit of swelling and pain.
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11 Feb 2009, 11:30
& skull.
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anything weird that hurts should probably always be looked at i think. hope it's not serious.
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