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Bloop Drama
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25 Sep 2020, 03:20
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I just want to say how hard I just got smacked in the face by nostalgia when I went into the bloop drama category. I know what I’m doing with my night now! LOL

Hello to all my old nemeses (did I spell that right? I’ve never made nemesis plural before! My phone seems to think it’s right!)

How is everyone? Who’s all back?!
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25 Sep 2020, 03:21
Zombie Mark
Bloop Core Developer
Post Count: 107
Haha, it's quite a read isn't it?

I hope you enjoy your return visit!
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26 Sep 2020, 04:59
Post Count: 283
Oh boo, I didn't get a message that you had replied to my new thread! I see there's an option for messages with replying now, but I don't recall one when creating a new thread - or if there was I don't recall it. :(
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26 Sep 2020, 15:37
Post Count: 35
oooh nostalgia indeed!!!
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27 Sep 2020, 22:48
Greta Garbage
Bloop Community Organizer
Post Count: 309
I think there is an option to receive an email when someone replies. Mark, is that going to the emails we used to register our accounts or our private messages here?
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