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Bloop Communities
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10 Feb 2009, 10:49
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I've noticed that since we've come back from the crash, a lot of my faves say that bloop isn't the same, much more drama centered (usually aimed at dear anon) and lacking in love.

LJ is massive compared to bloop and there are smaller communities in the site that users join to meet more ppl and connect w/ them in their shared interests. In the majority of these comms (not ones like OHNOTHEYDIDNT), drama/trolling is NOT allowed.

The point of this forum? XD

To ask if you all want to do a bloop wide postcard swap. Which is to say, all of us (bloopers in the US, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere) store our addresses in a secure database and send postcards. More information on my diary; I want to see who is interested b/c if there isn't a lot, there isn't a point in doing it. The postcard community I'm in has a set 200 members; which is a bit smaller than bloop, so it is do-able. ^_^

Another community where trolling is not allowed that I created here on bloop: Bloop Organization. It's for organization freaks like me who can't live w/o their planner. XD Comment on the diary if you wish to be added and I'll put you on the switch list! ^_^ That diary is just getting started so any feed back is welcome. :D
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10 Feb 2009, 11:19
Oprah Noodlemantra
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I like the postcard idea. Bloop has always prized itself on being a smaller, closer community, and the postcards would really promote that. Good idea.
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10 Feb 2009, 11:23
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Do you mind if I add you to the list on my personal diary? *too lazy to switch back* XD
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10 Feb 2009, 11:24
Oprah Noodlemantra
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go right ahead :)
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