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Trip Advisor or Yelp?!
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31 Oct 2012, 00:46
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Hey guys!

I put a post about this on my facebook, but then realized, alas! Bloop has more world travelers than my personal facebook :)
I work at an euro-style hostel in Hawaii, Arnott's Lodge, and we normally send people to trip advisor for our reviews. I was wondering what you guys use more often! Yelp or Trip advisor, and why!

Any feedback would be awesome, thanks for your time!
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7 Nov 2012, 04:32
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When I backpacked around Europe a few weeks ago, I only responded to reviews on But that might be because I had actually booked the hostels through them. When I went around the UK in 2008, it was the exact same thing--only on hostelworld. Though, I usually only review if I either really loved it or really hated it. :P

I know that wasn't one of your options and it's not the exact same thing, but I just wanted to tell you about that one in case you might want to consider it. :) I've never reviewed anything on Yelp or trip advisor. I'm not a big fan of Yelp for hostels or hotels because it isn't directed specifically at them the way something like hostelworld is--it seems more directed towards food. I haven't spent much time on Trip Advisor, but I think it looks a lot better than Yelp for hotels/hostels. But what I like about hostelworld is that it breaks everything down--people get to vote on what they think of the character of the hostel/hotel, the staff, the location, cleanliness, etc. rather than just a 1-5 star overall rating.
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7 Nov 2012, 06:31
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Im stoked to hear that because we use hostel world as our reservation system! We haven't had a review on hostel world in about 2 years - I've been nagging my boss to update our hostel world info actually.

I really appreciate your response! Thank you!

I was hoping I could get bloopers info because we get a lot of people from Europe and Australia who book with us and I do the end of the month tally and I figured since bloop is pretty international it would be a good place to ask.
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