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Charity Appeal - Can You Help?
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1 Oct 2012, 21:12
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Braiden-Lee Prescott is a 2 and a half year old little boy in the town where I live (Wigan, England). He has been diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma (there is no stage 5). His only real chance of beating this cancer is a treatment that is only being trialled in the UK and is therefore not available on the NHS. This families only chance to save their sons life is in raising funds so that Braiden can be treated in America.

His JustGiving page is here: - along with his story and more details of his illness.

I am giving all I can and trying to organise a charity night where I work to raise funds, but I also want to try and get his story out there so that perhaps people further away from our town might help also. Even if you cannot give in terms of money, perhaps you will be able to share his story?

Thank you.
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3 Oct 2012, 03:22
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Just shared the link on Twitter. I can't afford to give, but I hope sharing it helps.
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3 Oct 2012, 08:49
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Thank you... I think sharing it is the best thing, the further his story goes the more people it will reach and that can only be a good thing. Thank you. x
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