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Page:  1 - Sarah Palin Kills Wolves!
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6 Feb 2009, 02:34
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So, some people may or may not know that the wolf is my favorite animal. I ran across "aerial killings" on youtube of wolves & bears... & guess where it's at?! ALASKA! Guess who is Gov. of Alaska??? PALIN. This is so brutal, sick, and wrong. I see it as a form of torture for these poor animals. :( Something has to be done! I just thought I'd post this here because I thought it would be an interesting discussion. I also wanted to bring awareness to people that didn't know about this.

"Governor Palin is an active promoter of Alaska's aerial hunting program whereby wolves are shot from the air or chased by airplanes to the point of exhaustion before the pilot lands the plane and a gunner shoots the animals point blank. The program also targets bears." (

Click here for the rest of the article

Ashley Judd teamed up with and made this video. You can see it by clicking here.

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6 Feb 2009, 06:58
Aspiring Boxer
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I hate the idea of aerial hunting. It doesn't feel like real hunting. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against hunting. I feel that a true hunter wouldn't rely on technology to chase down animals or anything. Instead they'd track them over foot or something. That's how I feel about it. Wolves are my #2 favorite animals, it's very sad to see them killed like this.

I really don't like Palin. I'm so happy she didn't become out Vice President.
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6 Feb 2009, 14:28
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Yeah, I totally get what you mean. I'm not against hunting at all, but aerial hunting? How is that real hunting? It's not humane, and it's just torture!
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6 Feb 2009, 15:56
Aspiring Boxer
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I agree. It's not right to run a defenseless animal to exhaustion then have it killed. These people ought put themselves in the wolves shoes and be hunted by aerial. See how they like it.
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6 Feb 2009, 05:29
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SO GLAD she didn't become our VP.

I'm not against hunting, but I've seen the ad with Ashley Judd, and there was nothing humane about the way Palin was going about it. It's disgusting.
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6 Feb 2009, 15:38
Mom♥X's 3
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why in the world would you kill a wolf that way? They are so beautiful. If they were chasing me and nipping at my ass, thats another story lol
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