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Tablet PC Reccomendations...??
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28 Jan 2012, 22:06
Lady Lazarus
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I'm thinking about getting a tablet. I've looked online at different ones but have no idea what I'm looking for really...

My budget is 400. It has to have some sort of word processor app or programme that is compatible with microsoft word and some handy apps for notes in lectures... things like spider diagram apps and such. Other than that, photo's, TV, facebook, etc...

Was looking at the Asus Transformer with the keyboard dock ...

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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29 Jan 2012, 00:55
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My hubby has the asus transformer with the dock... he loves it... it does everything and more than he wants... and the winner for him was the ports that it has on it... it was necessary for him to be able to add and remove information from it... and not have to put it online to get it on there (ipad).
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29 Jan 2012, 08:53
Lady Lazarus
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Yeah, I've got the impression from review sites that the Ipad is not all its cracked up to be... thanks for the reccomendation... the transformer looks ideal really.
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30 Jan 2012, 07:13
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@Lady Lazarus: I've played around on the iPads quite a bit - and while they're nice... they're seriously just like a big iPhone. It's fun for games/surfing the web... but beyond that, it's lacking. :(
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29 Jan 2012, 14:48
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My Hubby is all about the Kindle Fire. He says for its price it is an amazing tablet.. he also likes the Transformer A LOT.
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