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Random milk question
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19 Dec 2011, 11:04
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Interesting. Different cities in the UK have very different costs of living, but the supermarkets all still charge the same wherever. What about if you order your groceries online - does Safeway have a different site for each state? What about Amazon - do book prices vary too?
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19 Dec 2011, 15:35
HorrorVixen XO
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Im not too sure.. But I live in Los Angeles and its that price at the CVSs I go to. So I guess it depends what part of CA u live in..
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20 Dec 2011, 01:28
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From what I been told, the cost of living in the bay area is more expensive. Salaries are increased by 10% if you transfer from another city. I have noticed that the cost of groceries are more here than in orange county. I miss Ralphs grocery store so much!
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20 Dec 2011, 00:54
Winged Centaur
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I couldn't answer this question until I went and bought milk tonight. Milk is expensive around here. It's 1.90 for a quart of milk and between 5 and 6 dollars for a gallon. We never buy a gallon of milk though. It's just two of us, and we have trouble using all of the quart of milk before it goes bad. I don't drink milk though. I only use it in cooking. Oh, and we live in the midsouth region of America.

I thought it rather strange that milk was so expensive, but the general cost of living and other groceries are quite low. But milk has to be transported quite far to get here, across several states.
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