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Flu Shots
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5 Dec 2011, 05:16
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Alright - I am aware that there is a thread about vaccinations but I feel like this is slightly different because I'm not relating it to children as such.

I was watching The Doctors the other day. Yep I'm a bored university student who is currently on break and I only work a few hours a week right now, I have too much time on my hands. On this particular show they were talking about germs and the Flu shot and it got me thinking about it. The way they were talking about it made it sound as if every American, regardless of age, race, gender etc should get a flu shot; they also made it sound as if it is a really common thing to get.

I was under the impression that the flu shot wasn't really for everybody. I know my best friend gets a flu shot once a year but that's because when she gets sick - she really gets sick. I mean I get a cold or the flu and that's me done for the season, I get over it after a little while and I won't get sick again (or not to that extent) but she gets sick, gets better, gets sicker, gets better and it's a yo-yo season for her - thus why she gets the flu shot (although she still gets sick every year so I don't know how effective it really is for her...) ANYWHO, I'm pretty sure if I went to my local doctor, he'd tell me not to worry - that only people at risk, such as the elderly, should get the shot and I shouldn't be concerned.

I have no intention of getting a flu shot any soon. I seem to have a kick-ass immune system going on at the moment and don't want to jeopardise that until it's absolutely necessary (like when I'm old - then I'll have reason to get the shot). But the show did get me wondering if Americans (Or other countries) feel the need to get this shot every year - regardless of how they are health/age wise?

I guess here in Australia, well from my view on things, it's not really promoted as a shot for everyone, it's just people at a higher risk, but like I said, that American show seemed to be advertising it in a way - like they wanted everyone and anyone to get it. you get the flu shot? and Why?
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5 Dec 2011, 15:18
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I don't get the flu shot.
The flu vaccine itself is only around 50% effective in preventing the flu.
The nasal vaccine is a bit more effective.. but really the only people who should get the flu vaccine are the elderly or those who have a poor immune system.
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5 Dec 2011, 06:13
*Forever Changing*
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Here (in America) they have a target group, but they also push it on everyone. I (was) just pregnant and now we have an infant in the house...they are pushing it hard on me. I continue to refuse it. It is not effective for everyone, and its pointless for a healthy adult in my opinion. Also since the effectiveness is pretty low, from what my OB told me, I do not see the point in giving it to my children either :)
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5 Dec 2011, 06:32
Winged Centaur
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I got the flu shot last year, but only because my uncle (a doctor) gave it to me for free at Thanksgiving. We (husband and I) didn't stay long enough this year to get our free shot, so we will most likely not get one.

When I worked in a restaurant as a host/takeaway/server, it was encouraged for us to get a flu shot, and we even got a discount coupon. I don't know if we were encouraged because we are more likely to come into contact with a lot of people, thus increasing our chances of coming into contact with the flu...or because Walgreens was getting some kind of kick back for offering a "discount" to have it there.

I'm not getting one if I have to pay for it. That said, I didn't get the H1N1 vaccine when it was available at my uni, and I caught it a month later.
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5 Dec 2011, 06:50
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I got it this year but that was only b/c it was free w/ m doctor visit. I rly only get sick like once a year now *knock on wood* and technically this year I haven't even rly gotten a cold yet (again, *knock on wood*). Unless I'm at the doctor again next year around the same time, I probably won't get it. :-/ Just doesn't seem necessary to me.
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5 Dec 2011, 06:50
& skull.
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i've never got it ever in my life. i will be before i go to the uk though because my doctor suggested it'd be a good idea.
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5 Dec 2011, 09:54
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Got mine.
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5 Dec 2011, 18:28
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The regular flu shouldn't be harmful to people who are fit and well so way I see it the vaccine is mainly for people with pre-existing health problems, or the elderly. Which is pretty much what happens in the UK. Oh, and healthcare workers (because we're more likely to catch it and also because if we're off work sick it affects patient care).

H1N1 is different however, because H1N1 can be deadly not just for people with pre-existing health problems but it's also potentially very dangerous for pregnant women, and it can kill young fit people (it appears that this is due to a healthy immune system over-reacting, causing inflammation in the lungs). For that reason I did get the H1N1 vaccine 2 years ago, but the last couple of years it's been combined and last year I missed the dates they were offering it on at my hospital. I still need to get this year's too...
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5 Dec 2011, 21:58
Winged Centaur
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@RedFraggle - If you had H1N1 before, is it possible or likely to catch it again?
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5 Dec 2011, 21:41
Beautiful Lies
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I have never gotten a flu shot. My immune system seems to be doing a fine job, in regards to fighting off illnesses like the common cold etc. I also do not have health insurance so that is another determining factor.

Honestly I've known plenty of relatively healthy people that have gotten the flu shot but still had to fight off the flu themselves. If I get the flu, I get the flu I guess!
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5 Dec 2011, 22:27
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I was required to get the flu shot (for free) when I worked in NHS care homes - the idea being that if I caught the flu, then vulnerable patients could catch it from me and get sicker than me. Ordinarily, I don't bother getting it.
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5 Dec 2011, 23:09
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I don't recall ever getting the flu shot in my life. I'm not generally the type to get sick often [aside from allergies].

I also don't have medical insurance - and I can't bring myself to pay for something I don't want to get (yes, I'm a baby with shots! ;D) and has the potential of giving me the flu (or symptoms of it) anyways!

I'm still trying to psych myself up for getting the gardasil shot when I DO get insurance.
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