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Carpal Tunnel Surgery - Anyone had one?
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28 Nov 2011, 20:28
The Crafting Wife
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I just had a surgery on Tuesday - the 22nd. I am so used to seeing people with the cuts on their hands. now, they cut my wrist, and used some scope, not only i have nastiest bruise on my wrist and on my palm, i can move and type, but i am moving slowly and etc, got papers on how to make things better and etc.

HOW LONG does it take to go away? im on light duty for 6 weeks, how long can i start to write regularly no struggle? and etc... pick up coins... move my thumbs...

any of your experiences will help greatly! I know it has been successful for this part cuz i am not getting numb anymore
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28 Nov 2011, 20:47
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My Husband has had it done twice, and has had a similar surgery done on his elbow.

The elbow was worse than the carpal tunnel but you should be starting physical therapy soon, right?

My Hubs had about 2 weeks where he had a hard time doing certain things with his hand but after 2 weeks and starting physical therapy, he was good to go.

That was April, and it's now December.. he's fine :)
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28 Nov 2011, 20:49
The Crafting Wife
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i had one appointment today - but i dont need to go back, i have another surgry on the other hand i am supposed to get done in 3 months, i have the papers so i am gonna be doing that when i get up my 3 breaks and after work so 4 5 times a day.

so when did the pain or bruise go away? or the whole cant pick something up because it hurts?
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29 Nov 2011, 02:49
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My Hub says the bruising took a while to go away, but the worst of the pain went away after just a few days.
I'd say it was a good 4-6 weeks before he was able to really do things without cringing in pain, but the worst of it was gone by 2 weeks :)
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