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Movie stars
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18 Oct 2011, 13:17
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Who are your top 5 female movie stars of all time (living or dead)?

What about your top 5 male movie stars?

What qualities do you look for when selecting? (Sex appeal/acting ability/good looks/personal style)
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19 Oct 2011, 04:34
Poetic Justice
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I don't really have a top 5 for females. I kind of like Helen Hunt, Angelina Jolie, and Nicole Kidman, but I don't follow anything they do. I just say "Hey! I didn't know she was in this!" when she is.

As for actors... My top 5 would be Mel Gibson (who I swear to God is my soul mate lol), Robert Downey Jr, Leonardo DiCaprio (who is attractive, but also a very passionate actor)... And I can't really think of two more. I have TONS that I 'like', but not enough to be favorites. If I had to choose, I would probably go with George Clooney and Anthony Hopkins, because their acting is phenomenal, but the movies they are in sometimes aren't.
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19 Oct 2011, 06:48
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Ooh, Robert Downey Jr is a good one too. And, I thought of after my post: Edward Norton.
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19 Oct 2011, 08:26
Poetic Justice
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I do like Edward Norton, but the first place I ever saw him was American History X, and none of his movies since have been able to compare in my eyes. I LOVE that movie!
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19 Oct 2011, 14:37
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All based on their acting except #1 in the male movie stars.

1. Gerard Butler because he's hot. :P
2. Denzel Washington
3. Nicolas Cage
4. Tom Hanks
5. Mel Gibson

1. Julia Roberts
2. Drew Barrymore
2. Penelope cruz
2. Katherine Zeta-Jones
2. Sandra Bullock
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19 Oct 2011, 00:54
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I cut it down to a top five of both sexes, because if I didn't, I'd be here all day. :P

Johnny Depp is my all-time favourite. He's pure genius when it comes to playing offbeat roles. Hunter S. Thompson - er, I mean "Raoul Duke" sticks out the most. lol He also works a lot with Tim Burton, who's been one of my Hollywood favourites since I fell in love with Beetlejuice at six years old.

Jackie Chan is my Bruce Lee: the martial arts movie god. I grew up with his cheesy old Chinese movies, and adored him even in old American movies (Cannonball Run, anyone? It's good for some lulz). And come on, Jackie Chan Adventures was one of the best animated shows on tv for a while. My boyfriend and I still reference it all the time.

Jason Statham is the Brit in the mix. I watched Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels in grade 11 Film class, and hoped the dude that played Bacon would make more appearances in other films. He's got a great way of doing deadpan comedy, which it seems is very common in Brits, AND he's hot to boot.

Sook Yin Lee is one of the few on my short list of favourite actresses. She just kicks the shit out of every role she plays. She's very indie, and that's completely her style; it's part of the reason I like her so much.

Claudia Black has done more tv and games, but she still counts. She's got a very recognizable voice, so it makes sense why she'd be doing more voice acting. Anyway. Movie: Pitch Black. 'Nuff said. I'm also bit geeky, so I loved her in Farscape, and even more when she (and Ben Browder) crossed over to Stargate. And I got a little giddy when she guest starred on my favourite tv show, NCIS. :D
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